Indie Cosmetics Post- Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale Cosmetics is an Australian company that sells both mineral cosmetics and nail polish. Now, nail polish is one of those things you can’t really ship internationally, and I don’t really do my nails because I find it impossible to keep them long enough to not look tiny and stubby. However, their makeup ships all over the world, with bonus free shipping for sample baggies. When they recently had a sale, I couldn’t resist- especially since, as any of you who know me in real life or through the internet know, I’m kind of a fan of spooky things, and this company has lots of creepy-sounding names. Someday I will be a savvy purchaser and not buy things because they sound Halloweeny. This is not that day.

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Bobbie’s Forays Into Indie Cosmetics- Phoenix Blood

Phoenix Blood Cosmetics is a relatively new shop in the indie world- the Etsy store opened on the third of July, which is less than two months ago if you are bad at dates. I made a sample order because I seriously love having a million little baggies (although the envelope I got from Back To The Earth is kind of disintegrating at this point) and anything that is 54 cents is a good thing to buy.

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Indie Cosmetics post- My Pretty Zombie

Alright, everyone! I’ve made the executive decision to start reviewing stuff here instead, because the Cosmetistas are pretty inactive and I like notoriety this seems like a better venue. For reference, here are the other reviews I’ve done there.

So, here we go- a review of My Pretty Zombie! Pictures under the cut.

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