Indie Cosmetics post- My Pretty Zombie

Alright, everyone! I’ve made the executive decision to start reviewing stuff here instead, because the Cosmetistas are pretty inactive and I like notoriety this seems like a better venue. For reference, here are the other reviews I’ve done there.

So, here we go- a review of My Pretty Zombie! Pictures under the cut.


It came with a card with kitties on it!

I didn’t keep track of the order time, but it came either fast enough or slowly enough to surprise me in the mailbox. The envelope was a nice shade of lilac, and the address label (which I couldn’t get a photo of without giving out address information) had a picture of a dead Barbie on it. I’m pretty sure my postie thinks I’m  some sort of deranged camgirl, because I get a lot of letters with weird envelopes. Inside the envelope was this adorable kitty card!


This is the inside of the card.

Yeah, one of the samples leaked a bit. Still, the cute pink stamp is a nice touch, and cards are always good, even if they’re “thanks for giving me money!” cards.

mpz and mac 005

The samples! I got Gangrenous, Grimdeva, Wicked Crochet, Static, New Bruise, and Rabies.

This time, I had to select my own colours, because the shop owner specifically told me she was not my mom in the non-sample listings. (That is probably good, though, because if she was my mom it would be a bit ridiculous to pay shipping fees.

Am I listing to the port side, or...

The shadow baggies were a bit odd.

Unlike usual sample baggies, these were on a bit of a tilt. Google just confirmed that this shape is called a rhombus. I thought it was a kinda neat touch, and it hasn’t seemed to have any adverse practical effects on the shadow.

mpz and mac 020 mpz and mac 019

I also had a full-sized eyeshadow from a friend who was destashing some of her indie shadows. This colour is called Roxie, and is currently not available in the store, but I figured I’d swatch it too, because I can and no-one can stop me.

mpz and mac 021


You can see a stripe of NYX Milk (which I finally managed to get my greedy mitts on and OH MY GOODNESS can we talk about how good this is for my colours? It is super good.) a stripe of bare skin, and a  stripe of primer.

Swatches part 1, from Gangrenous to Static.

Swatches part 1, from Gangrenous to Static.

Gangrenous- available here. Gangrenous is described as a dark lavender that shifts to a glossy green. I found it more blue than green, but that might just be my lighting. It’s still a quite interesting colour, although rather sheer without primer.

Grimdeva- available here. Grimdeva is one of the ones named after Etsy friends, which I think is nice. It’s described as a purple with a red shift- again, I found it a bit bluer. Still, I quite like it. I might order it at some point, since I totally need more dark purples.

Wicked Crochet- available here. It’s described as a dusty lavender with “enough green glitter to make you puke.” Weirdly enough, though, I could have used a lot more glitter- shades like Gangrenous were way more glittery. It reminded me of Frankenstella from Smash, which is good because I loved that colour and needed more in my life, and I forgot to get some when I ordered from them again recently.

Static- available here. It’s described as beetle green with a gold sheen, and it’s pretty close. The green shows up nicely, making this a really neat colour.

Swatches 2- Static to Rabies. Accidentally cut off Roxie, but that's okay because you can't buy it anyway and it is all for me.

Swatches 2- Static to Rabies. Accidentally cut off Roxie, but that’s okay because you can’t buy it anyway and it is all for me.

New Bruise- available here. New Bruise is a matte dark indigo- sort of a blueberry colour. I might buy this- it’s pretty well pigmented, and I need more mattes to help deal with the massive glitterbomb that is my wishlist.

Rabies- available here. Damn, do I love Rabies. It’s a greeny-teal-y-robin’s egg blue colour, with a really slight purple sparkle. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it. Putting this one on the wishlist too.

Roxie- not available anywhere. Roxie is a bright glittery pink. I do not regret buying the full-size of this- it’s not the most unique colour, but damn is it ever pink.

Overall Impressions

Packaging- 8/10. (A bit of leakage. Pretty lavender envelope, and interesting rhombus baggies.)

Texture- 9/10. (I did a quick eye look with them, and there was literally no fallout. It’s a Christmas miracle.)

Pigmentation- 8/10. (While some colours are sheer over bare skin, on primer or Milk, they opaque right up without having to pack it on.)

Colour Selection- 8/10. (Pretty good! There are a lot of interesting things I wanted to try in there, and I might make a full-size order soon, since I really did like every colour I got.)

Seller Communication- 8/10. (KITTIES. The card was a nice touch!)

Overall, I give My Pretty Zombie a 41/50. I was really impressed- I want full-sizes of all my samples, plus a few other things in the shop. They also sell blushes, but I don’t use blush, and if I start, I’d like to not also be judging it for a review. Still, I’d highly recommend placing an order, just based on the unique colours alone.

mpz and mac 037

Bonus picture of my eye with Rabies and New Bruise.

Next up, a review of Phoenix Blood Cosmetics!


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