Bobbie’s Forays Into Indie Cosmetics- Phoenix Blood

Phoenix Blood Cosmetics is a relatively new shop in the indie world- the Etsy store opened on the third of July, which is less than two months ago if you are bad at dates. I made a sample order because I seriously love having a million little baggies (although the envelope I got from Back To The Earth is kind of disintegrating at this point) and anything that is 54 cents is a good thing to buy.

I have only been to America once, but I don't need to go back looking at these stamps.

I have only been to America once, but I don’t need to go back when I can just look at these stamps.

There was a delay in shipping the order out- however, not only did the owner keep in contact with me, I got a coupon code because of it. And that is A Good Thing, because I’m looking at the shop now and there are new eyeshadows that they didn’t have when I was making my sample order that I want to own. Seriously, I think I really want a full size of Gloaming and Zombie Puke, if nothing else.

Also notable- the shipping prices are exceedingly reasonable. Like, I hate to be that person who points out what an excellent deal something is, but a lot of brands still straight up charge 8 dollars or so for shipping of just sample baggies in an envelope to Canada. These guys? 2.16 for shipping of a full-size shadow. That is really, really good.

A little instruction sheet! That's just nice.

A little instruction sheet! That’s just nice.

I ordered eight samples, and they came with a little instruction sheet on loose eyeshadows and another, free sample. I thought the instructions in particular were a nice touch- I could have really used those back when I was starting out with indie companies.

It's baggies all the way down!

It’s baggies all the way down!

The samples came inside a Ziploc freezer bag, which was inside a bubble mailer. Whatever witchcraft they pulled, it worked excellently- no shadows burst or leaked at all, even after the best efforts of the postal system.

My samples!

My samples!

The samples I ordered were Come On, Son, Suck It, Gus!, The Blueberry, The Big Lie, and Lady Of The Lake from the bright collection, and A Class Lift, Heeeere’s Lassie!, and Toothy from the neutral collection. My free sample was Sugarflower, from the pastels.

My whole arm! Swatched over NYX Milk, bare skin, and primer.

My whole arm! Swatched over NYX Milk and bare skin.

Heeere's Lassie! to Lady Of The Lake

Heeere’s Lassie! to Lady Of The Lake

Heeere’s Lassie! Available here. First off, I am going to up and admit that if the names of these eyeshadows are pop culture references, I didn’t get them. This one refers to “TV’s psychic detective”- is that Monk? Anyway, Heeere’s Lassie! is a darkish silvery colour- almost a gunmetal. It’s quite interesting. Admittedly, I don’t often order silver eyeshadows, but I’ve never used one like this- it’s almost mauvey.

The Big Lie- available here. This is another one where the name refers to TV’s psychic detective. It’s a deep, reddish purple. In the 64-colour box of Crayolas I just bought, it’s a pretty close dupe for the “plum” crayon. It has a light sort of shimmer, but nothing too dramatic.

Come on, Son! Available here. It’s yellow! The closest colour that it comes to in the Crayola box is yellow. This also has a bunch of sparkles in it. It could be a tad bit more pigmented, but this is also basically one swipe, so I could have easily packed it on more firmly.

Blueberry- available here. If I like this psychic detective show as much as I like these eyeshadows based on it, I might have to start watching it. Blueberry is a cornflower sort of blue, with white sparkles. It’s a bit more pigmented than it looks in the swatch.

Lady Of The Lake- available here. I think this is one of my favourites. Lady of the Lake is a turquoise blue shadow, with a blue-green sheen. There is so much glitter in this, it’s kind of ridiculous. I, however, am a fan of glitter, so this might be going on my “to-buy” list.

Lady Of The Lake to A Class Lift

Lady Of The Lake to A Class Lift

Suck it, Gus! Available here. When I saw this colour, I immediately thought of Mike from Monster’s Inc. It’s a surprisingly pigmented yellow-green with a lot of glitter in there. It looks a bit dark in the swatch, but in real life, it’s nice and bright.

Sugarflower- available here. Sugarflower is a sort of sheered out carnation pink. It’s quite sparkly, but I would recommend a white base underneath if you want the full effect of the pink.

Toothy- available here. Toothy is another among the ranks of white shadows that suffer while swatching because I am pale as hell, so it doesn’t show up the same on my skin. It’s fairly well-pigmented, especially for a frosty white. Quite a nice highlight colour.

A Class Lift- available here. A Class Lift looks like a matte charcoal at first glance. When you really look, you can see a slight red-orange sparkle.

Bonus look! Toothy and Blueberry on lid, Class Lift in crease.

Bonus look! Toothy and Blueberry on lid, Class Lift in crease.

Same look. I just like my eye.

Same look. I just like my eye colour.

Overall Impressions

Packaging- 9/10. No leaks, affordable Canadian shipping, awesome stamps.

Texture- 8/10. There’s a good bit of fallout, but they still apply and blend easily.

Pigmentation- 7/10. While the lighter colours could have used a bit more oomph, the rest were pretty good, especially for a new company.

Colour Selection- 6/10. The bright colours were still fairly pastel or neutral, for the most part. That said, there’s new products coming out every day, and Gloaming in particular looks promising.

Seller communication- 9/10. Kept me updated, sent a coupon code, and even e-mailed to check if it had arrived.

Overall- 39/50.

I’m probably going to buy from here again- this store certainly looks promising, and I’m excited to see what they come up with next!

Next- Femme Fatale Cosmetics.


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