Indie Cosmetics Post- Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale Cosmetics is an Australian company that sells both mineral cosmetics and nail polish. Now, nail polish is one of those things you can’t really ship internationally, and I don’t really do my nails because I find it impossible to keep them long enough to not look tiny and stubby. However, their makeup ships all over the world, with bonus free shipping for sample baggies. When they recently had a sale, I couldn’t resist- especially since, as any of you who know me in real life or through the internet know, I’m kind of a fan of spooky things, and this company has lots of creepy-sounding names. Someday I will be a savvy purchaser and not buy things because they sound Halloweeny. This is not that day.

No, Femme Fatale cosmetics, thank YOU.

No, Femme Fatale cosmetics, thank YOU.



My samples came with free adorable skull-and-crossbones stickers. I happen to be of the belief that everything would be better if it came with free stickers, so this is a plus.



The samples themselves were in a Ziploc baggie stapled to the invoice (and I should note, the invoice had a nice little note written on in in pink pen.) It was kind of hard to get into, but on the flip side, nothing leaked.

My samples!

My samples!

I ordered nine samples, in what I thought was a good range of colours at the time but turned out to be three pinks, three darkish colours, and three pastels. That said, there are so many different colours in the shop, and I sort of want to try more.

My swatches!

My swatches!

Now, something else arrived in the mail- my Fyrinnae order (more on that when I need some material to post) which included PIXIE EPOXY. Can we talk about this stuff? It’s great. Makes glittery shadows almost glow. It’s wicked.

The dots on top are Pixie Epoxy over bare skin. Underneath, we have a stripe of NYX Milk and a stripe of primer.

Caramel Apple to the Nightmare

Candied Apple to the Nightmare

Candied Apple is closest to Mauvelous in the Crayola 64-pack, with a spring green duochrome. Despite not liking browns that much, I kind of love this. There is so much glitter in this- even without the epoxy, it was pretty glitter-heavy.

Ruby Wings is pretty much Wild Strawberry, with a soft pink shimmer. This is more of a conventional colour- while it’s pretty, I don’t know if I’d call it unique.

Lady Of The Red is black, because if I am picking the colours there is going to be at least one black. It has a subtle reddish purply sparkle to it- the site recommends using it as eyeliner, which seems like it might be interesting for those of you who are adept enough to use loose eyeshadow as eyeliner.

Bloodmist is a discontinued colour, so if you really want it, I’d advise picking it up. It’s a dark magenta colour, with a slight blue sheen.

The Nightmare somehow almost squeezed out of this photo, which is a pity because it’s such a pretty colour. It’s a greyish purple. similar to Wisteria, with a significant yellow green sparkle. I might have to order a full size of this one if they have another sale. I didn’t get a picture, but it makes a really interesting crease colour.

Flowers From Flames to Temporal Shift

Flowers From Flames to Temporal Shift. We see you peeking in there at the edge, Nightmare!

Flowers From Flames is a lightish mac n’ cheese orange, with yellow-green sparkles. It got a lot darker over the Pixie Epoxy.

Spearmint Candy is another one I really like. (I also like actual spearmint candy, which may have been why I picked this up in the first place.) It’s a slightly pinkish white- over just primer it’s sheerish, but when you use it with the Epoxy, it’s got this startling blue-green sparkle and almost looks mint under certain lights. I also think this is one of those shades that might show up better if you are not pasty as me- I did my best to provide shadow for this pic, but it didn’t really work.

Pumpkin Shrine is a full-on green-yellow with just a hint of orange sparkle. I’d like to pair it with Flowers From Flames someday I don’t have to work, because I want to watch the world burn.

Temporal Shift… I don’t often fall in love with neutrals. You know this. But this is the exception. I don’t know what it is about this bronze, but I love it. It’s sort of green and gold under different lights, and it’s just amazing and I want to hold my breath until someone buys me a full-size.

EOTD. Spearmint Candy on lid, Temporal Shift in crease.

EOTD. Spearmint Candy on lid, Temporal Shift in crease.

Overall Impressions

Packaging- 10/10. No leaks, free stickers, free shipping worldwide on samples.

Texture- 9/10. They apply easily and opaque, without me having to pack them on.

Pigmentation- 9/10. With the slight exception of Spearmint Candy, they all showed up impressively, even without primer.

Colour Selection- 10/10. There are so many colours and I need them all.

Seller Communication- 7/10. Aside from the note included and the e-mail invoice, I didn’t get any seller communication. This isn’t a huge issue, especially with rapidly-growing companies, but it’s nice when they send out an e-mail or something.

Overall- 45/50

I will definitely consider ordering again. The colours are beautiful- my only issue is that shipping might be difficult from Australia.

Next up- Notoriously Morbid!


2 thoughts on “Indie Cosmetics Post- Femme Fatale

  1. Karla says:

    how much product did you get in the bags? I just ordered some samples and am wondering how long it will last me. I know it’s not going to last very long 😛 but I just want a rough estimate 🙂

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