Indie Mini-Post- Kimberly Noel Cosmetics

This post is about a thing I got for free. While I’d like to say that it’s because I am now a big-name blogger, it is actually because of reddit. Now, reddit, in general, can be a pretty horrid place, and I don’t recommend you go there ever. However, the makeup subreddits, among others, can be pretty alright. I saw the owner of Kimberly Noel Cosmetics commenting on someone’s post saying that she’d be happy to send them a sample of blush. Now, as many of you may have noticed, I don’t really wear blush. Like, at all. Ever. I’m kinda cheap, and don’t really want to spend money on a blush that will make me look straight up Pennywise-esque. I mean, I do sort of want to look like Tim Curry all the time, but I sort of had more of a Frank N Furter look in mind.

Anyhow, I checked out her website, and there weren’t any sample sizes listed for the blushes, so I e-mailed her asking how much a sample would cost, explaining that I am a pasty white pink-toned lady and blush intimidates me more than college ever will. She got back to me after about an hour saying that she would send me a blush sample for free. I replied to say “hey, I live in Canada, so I’ll pay shipping,” but she insisted she cover it all. I was cool with that, since free stuff is good, and I assumed I would find a sample baggie in the mail at some point.

I got more than just a sample baggie.

I got more than just a sample baggie.

Imagine my surprise when I checked the mail and there was a decent-sized box there! I opened it, and found three jars inside with a note. Not only did she include a sample of blush, but she also included a foundation sample and a bit of her green primer, since if my skin was anything like hers, I’d need it. Thanks, I think!

Inside the jars

Inside the jars- LC1 foundation, Red Fix primer, and Bonza Apple blush/eyeshadow.

Now, you may be looking at this and thinking “those jars seem pretty full, especially the blush.” I certainly thought that. I looked on her website, and the blush serves as both a blush and an eyeshadow. On the blush page, it’s listed as five grams for ten dollars, which is reasonable. However, on the eyeshadow page, it’s listed as one gram for five dollars. The sticker on the bottom of my sample says it’s a gram, leading me to conclude that Kimberly Noel Cosmetics sent me a full-sized product as a sample, plus random unrequested other things. That alone leaves me wanting to place an actual order.

My Face

My Face

So, here is what my face looks like. Moisturized, washed, but no makeup. Pretty glamorous, right?

Half-face photo!

Half-face photo! Also, I may or may not do my makeup in my bra.

And here is what my face looks like with the Colour Fix and foundation. I quite like these products- the Colour Fix stuff negates all the redness I have going on. I found it was most effective when I mixed a little dab with the foundation. The foundation smelled kind of like cake or something upon opening the tub, but that faded quickly, and it certainly wasn’t overwhelming. I found it was a tad bit yellow for me, unfortunately- however, considering the shade was selected without ever seeing my face, that is not too bad. The combination was pretty good coverage, hiding all my varied blotches and blemishes. I’ll be trying out the foundation on its own tomorrow, so I’ll let you know.

Bonza Apple blush swatches

Bonza Apple blush swatches

I am going to have to do my best to not just use this as an eyeshadow. It’s a glittery pinky coral that’s surprisingly pigmented- those swatches are without any primer whatsoever. Blended out, it’s a bit more orangey, but I think it’s still nice. Is this like NARS Orgasm? I really don’t know too much about blushes.

Here is what I look like with Bonza Apple on my face and also a shirt.

Here is what I look like with Bonza Apple on my face and also a shirt.

Okay, I’m still figuring this blush thing out. I’ll do it, I promise. I don’t think I look too clowny in this photo, after applying the blush many, many times.

I won’t be rating this, since I know literally nothing about what makes a good blush, and I’m planning on doing a big ol’ foundation post next anyway if nothing else comes in the mail. However, I am very satisfied with these samples, and I might well end up making an actual purchase- not only are the products pretty excellent, the owner seems very nice, which is a huge motivation to buy something for me. From what I’ve seen, Kimberly Noel Cosmetics is pretty cool.




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