Indie Post- Madd Style Cosmetics’ Madd Cat Monthly Box

That’s right, I found a monthly box to subscribe to. I’ve wanted to for a while, but generally, even if the box itself isn’t prohibitively expensive, shipping to Canada is. And with a lot of beauty boxes, I’ve seen people get kinda disappointed with products that they get. I’d probably suffer from that, since I don’t wear blush or bronzer, wear perfume, or do my eyebrows. However, Madd Style’s box seemed perfect for me. The page said I would get one limited edition shadow, one full-size of a product of theirs, at least two samples, plus surprises. All for sixteen dollars shipped to Canada. (Or anywhere else international, which is pretty great! And in the US it is twelve dollars! This is madness!) I decided to jump on that action, since I decided the cheap price meant I could handle getting a product I don’t normally use.

So anyway, I ordered a box and waited. I was a little bit nervous when a bit of time passed and I didn’t get an e-mail or anything saying it had shipped, so I emailed them. They were quick to reply, and quite apologetic, assuring me it had already been sent out. Sure enough, I actually got the package that day. Oops, self.

The contents of my bag.

The contents of my bag.

This month’s theme was Jungle Love, so it came in a blue zebra-striped cellophane baggie. I got two full-size shadows in Chocomint Robot and Bluegrass, two samples in Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’ and Raven Feathers, and a perfume sample in Blue Lagoon. I also got a coupon code for ordering a box.

Open eyeshadows.

Open eyeshadows.

I had a hard time telling which of the shadows was the special one for the box, since neither were up in the store. After some quick googling, I figured out that Chocomint Robot was part of their discontinued Wizard of Oz collection. By the way, the full sizes did have sifters, but…



… they had these pink paper stickers over them that were impossible to remove. Where I did manage to peel them off, they left a sticky residue on the sifter. This isn’t too big of a deal for me, since I never use sifters anyway, but it is kind of a design flaw. Nothing leaked in the package, though!


Swatches! From the top, over Pixie Epoxy, Too Faced Shadow Insurance, NYX Milk, UDPP, and GOSH Velvet Touch Eye Primer.

Chocomint Robot- a tawny brown eyeshadow, with a slight green shimmer. Not too bad, although I kinda prefer Notoriously Morbid’s Kilgharrah. (This is entirely a skin tone thing, I think, since I am pretty cool toned and thus feel a bit better in taupey browns.)

Bluegrass- A kelly green, with a strong aqua duochrome. I do quite like this one- I don’t own nearly enough green eyeshadow, for some odd reason.

Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’Okay, I want you guys to scroll up to that first picture. Look at that sample baggie. Does that look like a purple eyeshadow to you? Of course not. My first thought looking at my package was “oh no they sent me two brown eyeshadows i have made a horrible mistake.” This has such a strong purple sparkle to it that I don’t even know how to deal. I think I kind of like it, though.

Raven FeathersThese guys are really good at making eyeshadows that look completely different in the baggies than they do on my face. Raven Feathers looked like a matte black, but is this weird almost oily-looking blue-purple colour shifting thing.  It is almost impossible to photograph, but it’s really interesting.

Eyeshadow on a face! This is Cruisin' For A Bruisin' and Chocomint Robot.

Eyeshadow on a face! This is Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’ and Chocomint Robot.

Seriously, when it’s on, Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’ looks almost like a matte purple. How does that even work?

Actual wizardry aside, I did get that perfume sample. I don’t typically wear perfumes, but I think it smells nice? I didn’t even know Madd Style sold perfume oils, and a quick Google shows that this may well be the first one that they’ve made.

All in all, I think this is a pretty good deal. Even if you take off the perfume sample, I still got more than my money’s worth, plus I got to try new colours that I definitely wouldn’t have gone for without the sample. And really, isn’t that what beauty boxes are supposed to be about? I think I’ll keep on with this box, at least for another month.

Up next- maybe that foundation post? Who knows, it’s a mystery.


2 thoughts on “Indie Post- Madd Style Cosmetics’ Madd Cat Monthly Box

  1. I have been trying to subscribe to get the monthly membership and I’m having trouble doing so. How can I get started by signing up and start getting my monthly subscription ASAP?? Please if you know how I can do so let me know. My phone won’t let me on the website for some reason. Is their a way I can contact MADD cat and get them to help me get started? Like a phone number or email??

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