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Because I am far too lazy for foundation posts. (Although if you really want to look at a whole bunch of selfies, here is an album of BB cream samples I got on my face with mini-reviews for each one.)

BeautyBarBaby is a relatively new Etsy shop that opened in the May of this year. They had a sale, and I ordered a blogger pack and told them to select the colours, as I tend to do. It is worth nothing that they are currently having a fall sale with 50% off all their eyeshadow.

okay that's kind of adorable

okay that’s kind of adorable

I ordered it on the 6th and it got here today, which is pretty impressive considering I live in a frozen wasteland.

Er, hello, kitty!

Er, hello, kitty!

Along with the package, I got a nice little letter with a demonic Hello Kitty on the top thanking me for buying things and explaining that I got a free thing from their Halloween collection. I, of course, was very excited, seeing as free makeup and Halloween anything are a few of my favourite things.

My samples! You've Been Pinked, Hot Sauce, Flip Flop, Dragon's Tail, Violetta X, Twinkle, and Black Widow lip balm.

My samples! You’ve Been Pinked, Hot Sauce, Flip Flop, Dragon’s Tail, Violetta X, Twinkle, and Black Widow lip balm.

The blogger pack comes with six samples in jars, which is a thing I am having trouble adjusting to. Everything was shrink-wrapped and nothing leaked, which was nice.



My freebie was the Black Widow lip balm. It’s supposed to be a tinted balm, but I found it hard to get more than a light gray tint out of it. As well, this is 100% personal preference, but I hate black liquorice so much. The smell fades quickly, but it’s still not my favourite. That said, I didn’t mention my weird food hate when I was ordering, and it was free, so it’s not like it’s a huge deal. The formula seems nice, and it works well under dark purple lipstick as a base, so if you’re a liquorice fan (YOU MONSTER) you might want to pick this up.

One swipe of Black Widow on my lips. It reminds me of the My Beauty Addiction Sugar Babies lip gloss in Breathless, which leaves a similar residue when you remove it.

One swipe of Black Widow on my lips. It reminds me of the My Beauty Addiction Sugar Babies lip gloss in Breathless, which leaves a similar residue when you remove it.

But enough of my weird giant chin and rants about food I don’t like (also, I do not care for olives or mustard)- let’s get to the eyeshadows!

beautybarbaby 089

Swatched, from the top down, over Pixie Epoxy, Shadow Insurance, NYX Milk, and UDPP.

Black Widow to Violetta X.

Black Widow to Violetta X.

I included Black Widow’s arm swatch in there too, just so you can see what one swipe looks like.

You’ve Been Pinked. This eyeshadow is PINK. It is a bright Barbie pink with a frosted finish. Oddly enough, it didn’t play too well with the traditional primers, but over Milk, it really shone.

Hot Sauce. This is a lovely copper with gold sparkles. The swatch on the Etsy page really undersells it, as this is quite pigmented and perhaps stained my eyelids a bit.

Flip Flop. Another of those magic eyeshadows that completely change colours depending on what primer you are using. While I never really find myself using teal and none of the colours are particularly unique, I do appreciate wizardry.

Flip Flop to Twinkle.

Flip Flop to Twinkle.

Dragon’s Tail. Mm. This is a kind of navy blue, with a green shift. This one also needs an updated swatch photo, I think, since even without primer this has a lot more oomph than the photo they posted.

Violetta X. This colour is interesting, and kind of hard to describe. It sort of is lavender, and sort of isn’t, and sometimes it’s blue and gray. I don’t even know, but I think I like it.

Twinkle. When I swatched this and Violetta X next to each other, I did a double take because I wasn’t sure whether or not I had made a mistake and swatched one of them twice. Twinkle is a bit more purple and less confusing, but they’re quite similar colours, and I’m not sure I would have sent both of them in the same sample pack.

My face, with Dragon's Tail, Hot Sauce, and Black Widow as a base for lipstick.

My face, with Dragon’s Tail, Hot Sauce, and Black Widow as a base for lipstick.

Overall Impressions

Packaging- 7/10. No leaks or anything. It’s notable that sample jars are the only way to get samples, which can be an issue when one is paying for shipping.

Texture- 8/10. Nothing too outstanding, but they all applied and blended easily, although Dragon’s Tail did stain.

Pigmentation- 8/10. Every shade, even the lighter ones, showed up nicely.

Colour Selection- 7/10. There are approximately a million colours of eyeshadow in that store- did they really have to double up on the pastel purple? That said, the million colours is a good thing if you are actually making an order and have specific tastes.

Seller Communication- 7/10. Not amazing, but I got a free thing and she did mail me today asking if I had gotten it.

37/50 overall. Not too shabby a start!

Up next- I may be reviewing something that is not an indie product. Shock and horror.


2 thoughts on “Indie Post- BeautyBarBaby

  1. Aisha says:

    Great Review!I bought some shadows from Nicole & I was really excited about my purchase but was unimpressed. Unfortunately, the quality is not up to the standard I am used to from other loose mineral eye shadow shops I’ve bought from. Maybe it was a bunch of bad batches but her product was grainy with poor color payoff

    • Thanks!

      I’ve used the shadows a bit more since then, and sorta noticed the same thing about a few shades. There is seriously not much I can do with Icicle, for instance- and I hardly ever have problems with less-pigmented eyeshadow, since my pasty face is basically like putting it over NYX Milk anyway. It just refuses to be built up, you know? I think it does depend on what colours you get.

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