Indie Post- Made By Mandikins

Finally, back to where I’m really comfortable. Random bags of coloured dust from the internet.

Made by Mandikins is an etsy shop that’s about a year and a half old. In her “about me” section, she states “She loves expensive make up but loves being able to feed her belly and buy beer more. So making her own was kinda a brilliant idea.” Seeing as this shop could have been opened by me, I had to make a sample order. The shop has loose and pressed eyeshadows and lip gloss, but I only got loose shadows, although I am seriously considering getting her lip gloss in Morticia. Of course. You know how I get about names. Seriously, I’m looking at all these Halloween collections and kind of wanting them all. I’m lucky I am not a huge Nightmare Before Christmas fan or I would actually be going into debt over these.

A week or so after I made the order, she sent me a message on Etsy to say that the envelope got damaged and the package was returned to her, so she was sending it out again with a few extra samples. This, I was quite okay with, since, you know, I am forgetful enough that I wouldn’t have realized it was arriving late and also I got free stuff. I was pretty impressed that she not only told me, but added a few extra things despite it not being her fault. Good stuff.

The envelope contents!

The envelope contents!

The eyeshadow came in a plain envelope that I didn’t get a picture of because nobody wants to look at a picture of a plain white envelope. Venus leaked a bit in transit, but otherwise, we were good. I got two extra samples, a business card thing, and a note. I wasn’t too overwhelmed with the baggies themselves- while I realize not everyone carries around their loose eyeshadows in their purse all the time, some of us do, and the Sharpie has already begun to wear off.


The note had a nice little coupon code, as well as a suggestion for homemade primer. I decided to try it out, since I am all about science and also I have some liquid foundation I don’t use. (It’s the Revlon Colourstay stuff. Colour’s great, coverage is great, it breaks me out so badly.)

Stripe of homemade primer, then bare skin.

Stripe of homemade primer, then bare skin.

I wouldn’t say it did nothing, but the shadows didn’t stick around on my arm very long. I hardly ever post about this, but when I use a primer, I find most eyeshadows sorta stain my skin. These washed right off, which was good because I had other swatches to do.

I need to either get longer arms or less eyeshadows. Swatches from top down over Pixie Epoxy, Too Faced Shadow Insurance, NYX Milk, and Urban Decay Primer Potion.

I need to either get longer arms or less eyeshadows. Swatches from top down over Pixie Epoxy, Too Faced Shadow Insurance, NYX Milk, and Urban Decay Primer Potion.

Interestingly enough, the foundation primer really seemed to bring out the colour in Nightmare and Venus more.

Mithra to Melaka's Kiss

Mithra to Melaka’s Kiss

MithraA light orangey copper. It is one of those colours that everyone says will bring out my eyes but I often find it hard to get passionate about. This is very sparkly, which I do appreciate.

Black SoulThis is a black with glitter. Honestly, I wasn’t thrilled by it. It isn’t quite black enough to be a go-to black, and there isn’t enough glitter to make it cool, even over Pixie Epoxy. The listing says it’s “gold hologram glitter” but it just sorta looks like sparse sparkle to me.

NightmareThis one, I like. It sort of gives a weird blue glow to my skin, which is exactly what I’m looking for. It’s sorta sheer and doesn’t photograph well, but it’s a really unique colour.

IcicleI was kind of disappointed with this one, too. It looked really opaque in the photos, but my sample just kinda looked like silver glitter. It was quite sheer, and I had a lot of trouble building up any opacity at all.

Nightmare to Raspberry Tart.

Nightmare to Raspberry Tart.

Poison AppleThis one’s kind of nice. It’s a lime green with sparkles- again, not horribly unique, but not bad. And hey, this one was free.

Melaka’s KissAnother cool one. It’s a corally pink with a slight purple sparkle. Nothing too overwhelming, but a nice pink. This was another free one.

VenusThis one would not photograph right. It was also really sheer, but gave an interesting wash of green to my skin. Not very much like the listing photo at all, but cool in its own right.

Raspberry TartA purple with almost a rusty sheen. This is also cool. Also, what is that black with glitter in the swatch photo on the listing? I quite like it.

Nightmare and Raspberry Tart on a really really grumpy face. Not sure what I was sad about. Probably that lipstick in that light.

Nightmare and Raspberry Tart on a really really grumpy face. Not sure what I was sad about. Probably that lipstick in that light.

So, what do I think?

Packaging- 4/10. Some leaks, and the Sharpie labeling isn’t very permanent or professional.

Texture- 7/10. Nothing too outstanding. Venus and Icicle did not want to be built up to full opacity, and Mithra gave me glitter fallout everywhere.

Pigmentation- 7/10. Some were alright, but most were not nearly as pigmented as the swatches.

Colour Selection- 6/10. A lot of the shadows differed heavily from the swatch photos, and some were just kinda boring.

Seller Communication- 10/10. Let me know there was a problem and fixed it. I gotta respect that.

Overall, I give MadeByMandikins a 34/50. If you really really want a colour that they have advertised and don’t want to compromise, I’d recommend getting a sample first. However, the company does seem promising. Plus right now, there’s a Halloween coupon code for 20% off. I do want to try that lip gloss…

Up next- who knows? I have a few orders that I made and am dying to try out, but am waiting for seller communication first. If neither of them get back to me, it’ll be Shiro samples, probably.


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