Indie Post- Dreamworld Hermetica

Dreamworld Hermetica is actually a reincarnation of Dreamworld Minerals, which was apparently quite well-regarded in the indie makeup scene for a long time. Of course, me being my oblivious self, I was completely unaware of them until they had a ridiculous deal and advertised on reddit, because that is actually how I find out about all my indie companies. For five dollars, they said I would get one lip wand, two mini shadows, one mini blush, two shadow samples, one blush or bronzer sample, one glo worm sample, one illuminating powder sample, one illuminating glo sample, one creme sample, and two foundation samples. I worked it out, and that was actually a total value of $35.75, so I figured I might as well order it, especially since shipping was reasonable.

And here's what I got.

And here’s what I got.

What you see here is six foundation samples, five eyeshadow samples, a mini blush, two mini eyeshadows, a lip wand, a blush sample, and five various illuminating/finishing samples. That’s almost fifty dollars worth of things as priced on their website. This is A Good Thing.

A lot of the stuff, I didn’t swatch, since it is light enough that it just shows up as a mild sparkle on my skin and I already had to do some colour correction for my second swatch arm to show up, but I’ll try to give my unqualified opinion on everything I got now that I’ve asked a few questions and got clarification on what everything is supposed to be used for.

Eyeshadow samples! Primer on left, Pixie Epoxy on right.

Eyeshadow samples! Primer on left, Pixie Epoxy on right.

First off, my camera will not capture how pretty these are over Pixie Epoxy. They’re straight up metallic, it’s great.

Siren Witch to Ice

Siren Witch to Ice

Siren Witch (from the Hocus Pocus collection.) I got that reference! Anyhow, this is a deep burgundy. Like all the shadows, this is actually packed with glitter, to the point where it’s still in my pores. I kind of like that, though.

Singing Apple (only available through the site’s “search by colour” function.) Did I know I needed a metallic lime green shadow before just now? It’s a really cool colour, to the point where I’m not sure how to wear it.

All Hallow’s Eve (also from Hocus Pocus.) A strong, metallic copper, with a very subtle pink shimmer.

River Styxx (from the Queens of the Night collection.) I’m saaaaaailing awaaaaaay… This is a medium denim blue, again with the metallic finish. Pixie Epoxy makes these shadows look even nicer.

Singing Apple to Twilight

Singing Apple to Twilight

Ice (also from Hocus Pocus.) This one didn’t swatch much like the photos on the website. It’s a sheer metallic blue-gray- lots of glitter, of course.

Blue Blood (from the bookworm collection.) A deep purply-blue with a whole load of glitter in there.

Twilight (also from the Bookworm collection.) I have not read or watched Twilight, but does it involve disco balls? Because that is exactly what this colour looks like. It’s a silver with holographic sparkle, much like a disco ball.

Face and lippy.

Face and lippy.

Tinker’s Treasure (a magick lip wand.) This was actually something I was not too happy with. It’s a bubblegum-corally pink, which might look good on some people, but is not really my colour. As well, the formula is kinda weird. It’s a bit too creamy to be a lip gloss, but a bit too shiny to be a lip cream, and the lasting power is pretty bad, and it smells pretty waxy. Plus, for a product that’s supposed to be glossy, it’s awfully drying. Probably not going to use this, but, you know, no big deal.

Starlight Glo (a glo worm powder.) This was the only illuminating powder that would show up in photos. It is full of shimmer, which I kind of like. I am already white enough that I glow in the dark, so I’m not sure how necessary illuminating powders are, but I think it looks nice.

Isis (a blush that I cannot find on the blush page.) I think this is a nice blush for me. The colour isn’t too strong, and it’s a nice peachy pink shade with golden shimmer.

Hex Hall (from the bookworm blush collection.) It’s a sparkly purple blush. I’m trying to figure out how blush in general works, but I think this looks kind of cool on me. Look, ma, I’m wearing blush!

My face! Eyes are Twilight and Blue Blood, lips are Tinker's Treasure, cheeks are Hex Hall, and foundation is Meret II.

My face! Eyes are Twilight and Blue Blood, lips are Tinker’s Treasure, cheeks are Hex Hall, and foundation is Meret I with Cafe au Lait illuminating powder.

So, let’s talk about the other stuff I got. Most of the illuminating powders I got seem sort of similar. They just add a bit of sparkle and kinda airbrush my face a bit. I don’t know if I look better after using them because they’re doing something or because applying them means I have to blend my foundation in more, but either way, I do like them.

Siren Witch and Ice on the eyes, Isis on the cheeks, Maeve II foundation, with whipped raspberry creme. Please ignore the lips.

Siren Witch and Ice on the eyes, Isis on the cheeks, Maeve I foundation, with whipped raspberry creme. Please ignore the lips as that is a review for later.

I was also quite satisfied with the foundations. A few colours do run really light- I found I was a bit more comfortable in the II shades for Astrid. I think either Meret or Maeve I or Astrid II are reasonable matches for me. There was a bit of a learning curve, since it’s hard to use powder foundation out of a sample baggie, but I think I got the hang of it. Of course, now I am left again really wanting a 20 dollar foundation, but it is just so nice. I got the Cloud formula, which provided enough coverage while still being a Stupid Sexy Flanders foundation (it’s like I’m wearin’ nothin’ at all.)

Overall, I would definitely buy again. The eyeshadows were lovely, the foundations are nice, and the illuminating powders are at least a good placebo. When I had questions, they were answered promptly. My main issue is with the lip wand, but there was something about them trying a new formula going around, so that might be it.


Up next? Well, I have a Shiro and a Detrivore order, so one of those, probably. I also have my Portland Black Lipstick Co. order in as well, so I’ll be talking about that. We’ll see after those three happen.


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