Indie Post- Detrivore

Detrivore Cosmetics is a relatively popular brand- it’s one of the first ones I heard about when first getting into the indie world. However, the owner, Distorra, had been having some problems getting orders out on time, so I was kinda sketched out about it. Over the summer, she closed the store for a period and got caught up, however, so I decided to make an order to see what all the fuss was about. Sure enough, she had it out on time, and the samples were in my greedy little mitts. As well, I’ve picked up some full-size shadows from destashing sales, because I need all the things apparently.

My samples!

My samples!

I ordered ten samples, because that seemed reasonable at the time. Something I didn’t realize at the time but is actually kinda cool is that on the labels, the different finishes have different bugs to represent them. You have your scorpion for mattes and your little stag beetle for sparkle, which I think is kind of darling. Overall, I think the whole line looks very cool- it’s dark without being all “oh my GAWD i am a suburban junior high school student and my life is so HARD” which I find it’s far too easy to stray into. (I mean, I’m not all too familiar with that stage. Ahem.)

My whole swatch arm!

My whole swatch arm!

From the left, we have swatches over Pixie Epoxy, NYX Milk, and generic primer. (I’ve decided to stop with the five-million-primer swatches , since my sample of UDPP is dried up and there really isn’t too much of a difference if we’re not talking about wear time or creasing.)

Nymph to Faithless

Nymph to Faithless

Nymph is one of the mattes I ordered. It’s a deep brownish red, which reacts weirdly with Pixie Epoxy. Over regular primer, though, it’s quite opaque, and is a civilized colour for when you want to not have rainbow eyelids for some reason.

Coward is another matte. Detrivore is known for their excellent mattes, and just this shadow sort of won me over. It’s a really pigmented Big Bird yellow- it’s even pretty good without primer. It’s apparently difficult to get bright yellow shadows, and I am very proud.

Kraken is a shimmery bright teal. It’s one of those colours I look at and think “there is no way I’ll be able to use that” and then I just go ahead and use it anyway. This one needs a primer to live up to its potential.

Beetle is a sparkly black. Weirdly enough, I wasn’t too won over by this one- I might just have SO MANY sparkly blacks, but it didn’t seem too outstanding.

Gourd is a red-orange eyeshadow with a slight yellowy sparkle. I have a lot of oranges for some reason, but this is nice.

Gourd to Apparatus

Gourd to Apparatus

Faithless is the colour of a magenta crayon. It has a notable purple shimmer. A really fun colour,

Sacred is a really deep colour, almost black, with a bright purple duochrome. I might just really like black and purple, but it’s great.

Disturbance. Oh my goodness. Disturbance. This is the best thing in life. It’s a metallic wine red that is just so cool and I want to wear it every day. I love it.

Ghoul is an interesting sparkly spring green. It’s kind of sheer, but it still gives an excellent Dopey’s-shirt effect.

Apparatus is also kind of interesting. Under my sorta-kinda-natural light, it’s lavender, but in different lights, it can be silver. While I found it more purply than the photo implies, it’s still pretty neat.

My full-size Detrivore collection.

My full-size Detrivore collection.

The full sizes were all bought secondhand, so they may be older formulas or something. The jars are clear, with stickers on the bottom telling you what they are. Mine didn’t have sifters, which I am cool with.

I have full sizes of Dagon, Bog Body, Heathen, Aquaculture, Hemoglobin, Gargoyle, and Disturbance. (I actually bought that one online before the samples I ordered arrived. And I am so happy I did.)

Full-size swatches!

Full-size swatches!

Dagon is a bit like Faithless, but a bit more purply and less sparkly.

Gargoyle is another sparkly black, this time with a bit of pink in there. I was a lot happier with this one than Beetle- it is a lot more opaque and the sparkle is more pronounced.

Bog Body is a matte mint green. It’s not the sort of colour I use often, but I’m making an effort to incorporate it into my routine, since I actually really like mint green.

Heathen is described on the Detrivore site as a dark brown with pink tones and shimmer, but both the photo and the eyeshadow itself are a medium copper. That said, a metallic pinky copper is a pretty good thing.

Hemoglobin is the perfect red. Unfortunately, it’s not available on the site for some reason, but I have mine, and it’s beautiful. It’s a satin finish, which means there is a spider on the sticker.

Aquaculture, oddly enough, isn’t even listed on the site in the discontinued section. It’s a pretty orange with gold sparkles in it.

I still love Disturbance more than some members of my family.

A face with Dagon and Sacred. Look at how Sacred is purple and black. Enjoy it.

A face with Dagon and Sacred. Look at how Sacred is purple and black. Enjoy it.

Bonus face with Beetle and Bog Body. I promise not to buy the full size of that lipstick.

Bonus face with Beetle and Bog Body. I promise not to buy the full size of that lipstick.

Overall Impressions

Packaging- 8/10. No leaks anywhere. I like the sweet little bugs, and I personally dislike sifters.

Texture- 9/10. They blended easily, and stuck around for a while.

Pigmentation- 9/10. For the most part, they were really pigmented. I was especially thrilled with the mattes.

Colour Selection- 9/10. If you want a colour, chances are they have or had it. It is a bit difficult to tell what some of the colours will be like without swatch photos on the site, though.

Seller Communication- 7/10. Nothing outstanding, but she does respond to questions and things.

Overall- 42/50.

I would highly recommend making an order- these are all really nice things, and as long as she stays on track, this is one of the coolest companies ever.

Up next- I got this month’s Madd Style box! After that, I’ll probably do the Shiro samples, because they are taunting me.


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