October’s Madd Cat Subscription Box from Madd Style

I opted to keep getting the Madd Cat subscription box, because I really can’t get over the novelty of having someone pick things out for me and surprise me with them. It lets me pretend that I have a personal shopper, which is a level of luxury I aspire to. Admittedly, last month’s shopper bought me some perfume for some reason, which I still haven’t used because I don’t really go anywhere that isn’t explicitly scent-free, but I can deal with that. And this month was pretty good to me.

What a cute little package!

What a cute little package!

This month was Halloween-themed, of course, so the baggie it came in was a translucent orange. It should be noted that they still haven’t started letting me know when they ship out my order- this might be because I’m incompetent at computers, however.

This month's contents!

This month’s contents!

I got three full-sized shadows, two samples, a coupon code for 15% off my next order, and a bunch of paper grass. My camera isn’t playing well, but the shadows still had the sifters covered with the paper stickers on. I managed to get all the stickiness off in one go this time, though. The samples had cute little Halloweeny labels on them, which I liked because heaven forbid I touch anything that isn’t spooky.



Also notable- there were little plastic spiders in. I didn’t notice until I had taken all the stuff out of the bag except the spiders, then saw them through the bag out of the corner of my eye and got mildly terrified. Thanks, Madd Style. This is clearly all your fault.


Swatches! Pixie Epoxy on left, NYX Milk in the middle, and random primer on the right.

Wolfsbane is a glittery black. I’ve developed a certain appreciation for glittery blacks done well, and this is definitely one of them. It’s a very black black, with orange and yellow glitter in. I’d say it’s definitely on the level of 13 Black Rainbows. While I’m not sure I really need a full size of both of them, this would be a reasonable replacement if you hate rainbows or something. And I sort of want a full size of both of them.

Clementine Jam is a light orangey yellow. I’m not too thrilled about this colour, although this is entirely personal preference. I totally get that they had to include an orange because Halloween and all that, but this isn’t very committed to being orange. It doesn’t show up too well on my skin, but is quite pigmented. If you want a light shimmery orange, this is nice.

Trick Or Treat is the limited edition shadow that is just for the Madd Cat box subscribers. I am sincerely sorry about that, since it’s so incredibly beautiful. It’s a deep metallic gunmetal silver with light blue sparkles in it. I’m really a fan, especially as an alternative to black eyeshadow.

Fright Night you can buy, and I don’t see why you wouldn’t. It’s a dusky lavender with a bunch of silver glitter in there. There’s a slight greenish grey tone in there as well, which I am really happy about since the Smash Cosmetics eyeshadows are currently chilling in a bag because I don’t want to chuck them just yet, and I was kind of sad about Frankenstella. It’s a limited edition shadow, though, so act fast or I will actually buy them all and then lie on a bed made of silver sparkles.

Sparrow is a mystery to me. As far as I can tell, it is limited to the subscription box, but I’m not sure why. At any rate, I’m not complaining. This is a really vibrant blue with aqua glitter. It’s worthwhile to note that all these colours are massively glittery- I still have a sparkly arm.  If you mainly stick to mattes, this might not be the box for you.

A face using Sparrow, Trick or Treat, and Fright Night. Also, check my lips which are almost the colour of a real human being's lips. Be proud.

A face using Sparrow, Trick or Treat, and Fright Night. Also, check my lips which are almost the colour of a real human being’s lips. Be proud.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with this. I don’t think I won’t use any of these- even Clementine Jam has its place. And especially with three full-sized shadows, it’s an excellent deal.

Up next, I might actually swatch those Shiro samples that have actually been sitting on my bedside table taunting me for a month or so. No, really. It’ll happen. I promise. I also have a package from La Dolce Vita to test out.


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