Indie Post- Shiro

Okay, I finally swatched those Shiro samples. Seriously, do you know how long that took me? (I realize “having too many awesome indie companies to blog about” is a pretty okay problem to have, but still.) Anyway, I sort of waited to make this post because everyone knows Shiro. Like, it’s one of the major indie companies, and I figured there’s already enough reviews if you google them that one more is a drop in the bucket.

My Shiro collection!

My Shiro collection!

So I made the order of samples, but I also have two full-sizes from those wonderful people destashing on the internet. (The package came with a Tootsie Roll, but while makeup can go unswatched for a month, like hell I’m not eating delicious candy as quickly as I can.) Caitlin also drew a bat on the receipt, which I was happy with. Steve and Rebellion were free samples.

My two full-sizes.

My two full-sizes.

The full-size Shiro shadows I own are Cakeday and Lance The Dragon Trainer, neither of which are on sale any more. Sorry for teasing you with things you can’t have.

Swatches of everything!

Swatches of everything!

As per usual, Pixie Epoxy is on the left, with NYX Milk in the middle and generic primer on the right.

Cornucopia to Steve.

Cornucopia to Steve.

Cornucopia is an orangey yellow from the Hunger Games collection, with gold sparkles in it. It’s a nice warm colour for fall, and I think it’s one of those colours that is supposed to make my eyes pop.

Snake is a light, shimmery green-yellow. It’s pretty pigmented- I kind of have a weakness for light colours that are so pigmented they override my weird tan arms. It’s from their Badger-Mushroom-Snake collection- I got it one hundred percent because I got that reference.

Team Rocket is a true purple, with a little bit of blue shimmer. I figured I should note that, for a lot of the shades on the website, there are no swatches, so you are on your own when choosing colours. This is one of them- it looks a lot bluer in the jar, I think. While it is easy as hell to find Shiro swatches on the internet, especially from the permanent collections, it would still be nice to have something up on the site since I am incredibly lazy and made my order just from the jar photos.

Eye Contact is a shimmery blue-toned pink. On the website, it looks more reddish than it is, but it closer matches the description.

Elite Four is a purply indigo with gold sparkles. It’s a lot more blue than it is in the jar.

Vine Whip was actually recommended in another blog I read, which is why I ordered it. It’s an emerald green with gold sparkles in- again, a bit more blue than in the site photos.

Steve to Lance The Dragon Trainer.

Steve to Lance The Dragon Trainer.

Steve, from the Minecraft collection, is a greeny-blue colour. I thought it would be similar to Vine Whip from the way they looked in the baggies, but it turned out a lot more blue.

Girl On Fire is an orange with a gold duochrome from the Hunger Games collection. It’s a pretty neat colour, especially over Pixie Epoxy.

Rebellion is a blue-black. I’m not really excited about this colour, since I really had to work to get the blue tones to show, but it’s still fairly useful.

Heart Attack from the Death Note collection is a deep metallic maroon. It’s got a slight blue shimmer to it, but nothing overwhelming.

Hearts is red. It’s slightly shimmery, but it’s just generally straight up red. I am okay with this.

Dark Sacrifice is one I might need a full-size of. It’s a charcoal black with black glitter that pops over any sort of base. I’m a fan of this one.

Cakeday is a metallic gold. I have a weird thing for gold shadows, and this one is pretty great even without a primer.

Lance The Dragon Trainer is a periwinkle with gold sparkles. Weirdly enough, the sparkles show up better without primer or anything like that. I don’t know why. Probably science.

Hearts and Dark Sacrifice on my face. (Okay, I may just be posting this because my eye is such a pretty colour and I don't know why.)

Hearts and Dark Sacrifice on my face with fancy eyeliner doohickies. (Okay, I may just be posting this because my eye is such a pretty colour and I don’t know why.)

Cakeday and Lance on my face.

Cakeday and Lance on my face.

Overall Impressions

Packaging- 8/10. While it took a bit of finagling to figure out the stickers closing the sample baggies, I might just not be good at baggies. The stickers on the full-size shadows are cute.

Texture- 7/10. A few applied patchy, but most worked with me, and they blend easily.

Pigmentation- 9/10. Generally, they made an impression, often without primer.

Colour Selection- 7/10. While a good few shadows need swatch photos, there’s a lot of colours, and most have photos somewhere on the internet.

Seller Communication- 9/10. She gave me candy. This is good enough.

Overall- 40/50.

Shiro is a good company. But you all already knew that.

Up next- an order from La Dolce Vita, or possibly that Portland Black Lipstick Company post. You never know!


Relevant Internet Drama Tidbits

So, Smash Cosmetics’ Etsy store is officially closed down. While I have no idea why, or what’s been going on there, I suppose some people got grumpier than I did about the lack of communication.


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