Indie Post- La Dolce Vita Bath And Body and St. John’s Soap Works

I’ve got things to say about two indie companies, and they’re both sort of similar subjects, so I’m making a little megapost, since making a post all about a single bar of soap would be silly.

La Dolce Vita Bath And Body

Oh my goodness, is it ever hard to find reviews of this company. I tried really hard, and the closest I could find was reviews of the NARS lip pencil of the same name. I blindly made a sale-fuelled order, though, since I was almost out of body butter and didn’t want to walk all the way to the drug store.

Sadly, none of these words are "You have been accepted to the Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry."

Sadly, none of these words are “You have been accepted to the Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.”

Most indie companies send me little notes or business cards. La Dolce Vita sent me a letter. Most of it was warnings and disclaimers about how people with nut allergies should not use any of these products and pregnant women should ask their doctors before using bath products. There is actually a lot of legal-type speak, both in the letter and in the shop. While the disclaimers are in the policy section, it should be noted that they’re really hidden away under the long list of available scents.

My actual order.

My actual order.

I ordered a lip gloss in Sugar Plum, a mini body frosting in Lemon Sugar, and a foundation sample. The foundation sample, as you can see, kind of exploded. To my dismay, when I opened it up and cleaned it off, I found the jar still wouldn’t close properly enough for me to trust it in my makeup bag. Even though the letter told me that ingredients lists were included with the product, the body frosting and lip gloss didn’t have any ingredients listed at all. This isn’t really an issue for me, since I’m not sensitive to anything and I can just go onto the website, but it seems like a weird oversight given the constant legalspeak.

Lemon Sugar Body Butter.

Lemon Sugar Body Frosting.

So, let’s talk about this body frosting. I opened it up, and was hit in the metaphorical face with a strong, cloying scent. It’s mostly heavily floral, with a little bit of citrus thrown in there. Still, I figured, might as well try it out, since I have it. I took a few light dabs and put them on my shoulders, elbows, and arms, thinking the scent would go away. It stayed just as strong. I then went to bed, slept for a night, washed up, and went out. One of my classmates sniffed and asked if I was wearing perfume. This is a very, very long-lasting scent, which might be an issue for you if you work or go to school or whatever in a scent-free environment. It would probably be a nice scent if it wasn’t so strong, but as is, it seems I’m walking to the drug store anyway.

Sugar Plum lip gloss

Sugar Plum lip gloss

The Sugar Plum lip gloss has been taken out of the shop, but if anyone wants, I’ll sell them mine. Normally, I’m not really inclined to lip glosses, but I gave this a try since it looked like a really opaque plum-red in the shop and I get weird when shipping costs more than the products I’m ordering. This is actually really sheer-it can be built up to about medium opacity if you really stretch it, but it feels thick, waxy, and uncomfortable. Also notable, in the listing, as with the other lip glosses they sell, there’s actually no ingredients list. Again, not a personal issue for me, but kind of weird given that they did go out of their way to mention it.

The foundation and lip gloss on my face.

The foundation and lip gloss on my face.

On the lips, it gives a light purply tint, which is something I should appreciate, but am not thrilled about. It wears off really quickly, which I guess is the way of things with lip glosses, but still.

The foundation was entirely unremarkable to me. I got the lightest shade, Medium Beige, which was a pretty good colour match for my skin. It wasn’t that good coverage, which is a problem for me, since I am really blotchy all the time. It seemed to rapidly have less effect, but I’m not sure if that rubbed off on things or if I just get blotchier as the morning wears on (a distinct possibility.)

All in all, I was kind of unimpressed with this stuff. I would recommend sampling the foundation if you’re looking for an indie liquid foundation with not as much coverage as my face needs, though, especially if you have a primer you would try it with.

Bonus item- soap!



This soap is so good. It smells like apple cider and joy. It is not too overly smelly, but gives me a nice apply cinnamon impression. I love it. It moisturizes a bit, and it is the best thing.

I got it from St. John’s Soap Works at my local farmer’s market. If you don’t live in my town, you can get it here. If you only buy one fancy soap this fall, make it this one.

Up next- I made an order from Oslo Cosmetics, and I also have that Portland Black Lipstick Company post coming. Plus a post on some non-indie things coming at some point.


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