Indie Post- Notoriously Morbid’s Coffin Set

Alright, everyone, I have written up two posts, one of which I was going to post today. However, I’m posting about Notoriously Morbid’s Coffin Set instead for a few reasons. I just got it in the mail today, as a spooky halloween surprise. As well, Notoriously Morbid is having a Halloween sale, with 31% off all orders over ten dollars. I have a feeling they knew I would get the package today, since I have implemented a “don’t have multiple packages from the same seller at the same time” rule for myself. I figured I might as well help get the word out while bragging about makeup I own.

All the things!

All the things!

It’s notable that the paper the letter comes on is a lot more fancy than it was. It has red foil on it and a cool swirly border on it. Good on you, Notoriously Morbid!

The things I didn't have to pay for!

The things I didn’t have to pay for!

I got my coffin set on a day when there was a free full-size shadow included with the set, and I got Hallow’s Eve. They also included two samples, a lollipop, little bat rings, and a coupon code, since that is how I lose all my money.

Woooooo, spooooooooky...

Woooooo, spooooooooky…

The coffin is a cute little thing made from what feels like mat board. I wouldn’t use it as a purse, but it’s certainly a cute way to store some makeup at home.



The collection included five shadows and a Coffin Kisser lip balm in Raspberry Mint. I haven’t done any swatches of the lip balm, but it’s nice. The mint is almost tingly, and the balm itself feels a lot softer than most other lip balms I own.

Oh dear.

Oh dear.

One little negative was that, when I opened the coffin, everything was covered with a fine white powder. My first thought was “I didn’t know Tony Montana was a vampire!” However, it soon became apparent that the jar lids didn’t fit just right, so Lioncourt kind of leaked all over through the seal. Personally, it’s not really a huge deal, since I keep my eyeshadows flat on a desk, but it might be something to watch out for.

Whole arm of swatches!

Whole arm of swatches!

As per usual, the left swatch is with Pixie Epoxy, the middle is NYX Milk, and the right is just regular old primer.

The Bitten Collection

The Bitten Collection

This is a collection inspired by vampire lore, because Halloween.

Bitten is an almost matte black shadow, with a few purply sparkles in there to give it a slight shine. It’s not nearly as powerfully sparkly as 13 Black Rainbows, but sometimes that’s alright.

Lugosi may or may not be the reason I got this, since I totally need more red eyeshadows. It’s an orangey red with gold sparkles in.

Orlock is not nearly as gross-looking as he was in Nosferatu. It’s a sort of gunmetal-y gray with a teal shift that I was personally really impressed by.

Bram is another really cool one that I didn’t expect to like too much. A lighter gray, with a blue shift. I plan on using those two together once I am back to doing my makeup for me as opposed to for my Halloween costume.

Lioncourt, for me, is not a massive standout. This is 100% because I am already actually a vampire and so it doesn’t show up well on my skin. That said, it’s a perfectly pigmented white eyeshadow with reddish highlights to it.

And now, for things other people can actually buy.

And now, for things other people can actually buy.

Hallow’s Eve is a deep purple shadow with a bronze shift. Whoever picked this one out for me is doing a good job and should be very proud. It’s a really cool colour, and I’m glad I got a full size.

Witch With A Wand, from the Wizard of Oz collection, is a peachy goldy shade. Again, doesn’t show up on me well because I may or may not actually be dead, but it’s still a neat colour. Also, while we’re on the subject, does anyone know why there’s all this new Wizard of Oz merch out now? I’ve been seeing it around and it’s just weird.

Young Merlin, from the Merlin collection, is another cool neutral- much like Kilgharrah, it’s won me over ridiculously easily. It’s a chocolatey brown, with a bunch of rainbow sparkles in it. With this and 13 Black Rainbows, I am firmly convinced that Notoriously Morbid can turn rainbow glitter into gold, metaphorically speaking.


I haven’t worn any of these eyeshadows yet. Here’s the makeup for my Scully costume instead.

Once again, Notoriously Morbid has made me a happy, glitter-covered lady.

Next up, that Portland Black Lipstick Company post. I also have an order from Oslo Cosmetics, Sugarpill, and a few little surprises. I’m not going to stop posting for a while.


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