Notoriously Morbid’s Newest Collections

So, on the very day I got my last Notoriously Morbid order, they released not one, but two new collections. Notoriously Morbid kind of gets me. Also, on the day I got these, they put out a new preorderable collection that comes with a coupon code for up to 40% off any order you make for an entire year. Needless to say, I placed an order immediately. Now, knowing my luck, I’ll get the 10% one, which would be sort of a bummer since every order I’ve made so far has come with a 20% off coupon anyhow. Still, the colours look neat, and I ordered it on freebie friday, which means I’ll be getting another Coffin Kisser too. This is good because I can’t get over how much I love the Bitten Beauty one. While the formula is a bit softer than other lip balms I own, I put it on about an hour before my lipstick and I feel great.

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Indie Post- Eccentric Cosmetics

Eccentric Cosmetics is an Etsy shop with ‘eccentric’ in the name, so I pretty much had to make an order. They’re based in Australia, which is important news if you live in Australia and find makeup shipping costs to be prohibitively high. I ordered a sample pack, since not only can I never have too many baggies of pretty coloured dust, shipping jars around the world is quite expensive.

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Paint it Black- A Black Eyeshadow Comparison

This post was requested by a reader, who I assume is mystically aware of my awkward junior high emo phase and thus my natural attraction to black makeup. I do own a decent amount of black eyeshadow, because some days you just have to rock the panda eye. So here it is, swatches of all my blacks.

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Smashbox Wondervision Eye Set in Cosmic

Look at me, owning makeup that people can buy in person at a store. I’m almost like a real person.

Yesterday was my birthday, and a friend of mine picked this up for me. It was recommended by the lady at the drug store when he told her that I don’t wear blush or bronzer and I really like blue lipstick, which is sort of all you need to know about me in general.

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Indie Post- Sugarpill’s Cold Chemistry Palette

As some of you may have guessed, I like me some bright colours. And if you’re vaguely familiar with the indie cosmetics scene, you probably have heard that Sugarpill is a brand that is very, very good at bright colours. I didn’t make an order immediately upon visiting the site because, unlike most indie companies, there are no samples, and their eyeshadows, at $12.00 apiece, are a tad bit too spendy for me to order without really knowing about the quality beforehand. However, recently, they had a little mini-sale, which was motivation enough for me to get one of their palettes.

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