Indie Post- Oslo Cosmetics (Bonus Haus Of Gloi mini-review, as well.)

Oslo Cosmetics is one of those brands that has gotten ridiculously popular incredibly fast. When they had a sale recently, since I am kind of flaky about sales, I made an order, since they really did seem super interesting. Of course, literally three days after my order is shipped, they make a really nice-looking blue lippy, NEXT TIME.

My little packet!

My little packet!

I ordered the blogger pack, and it was shipped pretty quickly. Too quickly for blue lipstick, but that is really not something I can fault them on. Oslo has very cool, minimalist branding, but it was kind of weird to me that only one of the eyeshadows had the logo on it. It doesn’t matter too much, but it’s a weird thing. I also got a free sample of Dark Side glitter.

It should be noted that Oslo is one of those shops that there is really no excuse to order full-priced things from. They have really frequent sales- right now, there’s a 15% off coupon on, and that’s actually the smallest one I’ve seen given out. I got a coupon code with my order, and a little thank-you note on the invoice.

Eyeshadows in Monstrum, Vela, Andromeda, and Orphicus.

Eyeshadows in Monstrum, Vela, Andromeda, and Orphicus.

It’s important to note that these shadows have a different consistency from most loose shadows you can order. They look kind of clumpy, like small shiny pebbles, and are a lot closer to cream shadows than regular powder. As such, they don’t really need as much of a primer to properly stick.

Swatch arm! All swatches over bare skin, except the glitter, which is over Pixie Epoxy.

Swatch arm! All swatches over bare skin with a stripe of NYX Milk, except the glitter, which is over Pixie Epoxy.

Dark Side is another of those products I don’t quite know what to do with. It’s black cosmetic glitter, which is cool, but at the same time, it’s really hard for me to find practical applications for it that don’t just look like bugs crawling all over my skin. Not that the nearly-microscopic-bugs look is necessarily bad, but it’s not really something I feel confident enough to rock on a regular basis. If I was feeling hardcore, I would just slam that on my lips, but where I recently breathed in a cloud of glitter at work and almost died, I’m kind of wary. What should I do? That said, it’s perfectly nice glitter- kind of finer than most of the stuff I deal with on a daily basis.

Monstrum is the only colour I specifically requested, because looking at the photos and description, I decided I really needed a deep blood red eyeshadow, since I don’t already have, like, fifty. This is a lovely copper colour, but not really reflected in the site’s photo. While I probably should wear more copper neutral shades, this is still not really what I wanted.

Orphicus is a deep forest green with a slight blue shimmer. It’s the sort of colour I do actually want to wear more of, so it was a pleasant surprise.

Andromeda is a darker metallic brown with orange tones. It goes really well with Monstrum, which is nice- almost looks like I meant for my eye makeup to happen, as opposed to just randomly globbing colours on my eye.

Vela, honestly, is not my favourite in the bunch. I’ve seen a lot of people praising it, and it is a nice colour. Everyone needs more browns with slight green duochromes. However, it is kind of sheer, especially without any primer. As well, most of the shadows hold still with even the cheap primer I have, but Vela migrates so much. I put it on, walked to school, and by the time I arrived and went to take a selfie, I had a browny-green brow highlight instead of anything on my lid. That said, my eyelids crease incredibly easily, so the worst I am really saying is that this behaves like other indie shadows.

Monstrum and Andromeda on my face.

Vela and Andromeda on my face.

Overall, I am pretty happy with these shadows. You might want to look up third-party swatches if you’re really invested in getting a certain colour, but the formula is really nice, and I can easily see myself making another order in the future.

Haus of Gloi

I am not a lady who knows a bunch about perfumes. I’ve lived my entire life in environments where scents were disallowed, so I’m not sure what is good. However, I’ve been looking to branch out into wearing perfume, because I am secretly a princess. I found out recently that Haus of Gloi had free worldwide shipping for samples, so I made an order. (That is actually the best way to get me to order things. Just saying.)

It's a package!

It’s a package!

The samples arrived in a box, which I thought was cool. Inside, nestled in newspaper, was a little muslin bag of samples, a note, and a little litchi hard candy. The candy was delicious.



I ordered four samples, and got one free, which was cool. While I’m far from experienced on knowing how I smell, here are a few notes I made on my cell phone about the experience.

Honeysuckle Lemon CurdWow, this is sweet. I mean, not LDV body frosting sweet, but close. There’s a slight spritz (correct terminology???) of citrusy scent to sort of save it, though. Nice, but not for me.

Madcap Garden- Hm, nice. Kinda minty, sort of reminds me of root beer but not in a really overwhelming way. Sticks around for a while. If I was dating a guy who smelled like this I would snuggle him forever.

Satyr It smells like orange peel, with a bit of ginger or something that reminds me of cookies. I might just really like cookies. This is a really strong scent, but quickly fades and hangs around as something I can go on the bus in.

Twice is NiceThis is one I got for free. I still really like cookies, but this one does actually smell exactly like cookies. Very vanilla-y. Don’t know if I want a full size, but I’ll probably daub it on for the holidays when I really want to smell like cookies.

Litchi Milk Tea This is it. I have found my signature scent. I need this. It smells exactly like my favourite litchi tea, so I am not even sure that people will notice, but I will. It smells tart and fruity and lovely. This is the best thing.


So, what’s up next? I have a few indie orders calling my name, so I might crank out another post this week. Who knows? I am a woman of mystery.


3 thoughts on “Indie Post- Oslo Cosmetics (Bonus Haus Of Gloi mini-review, as well.)

    • Artemis says:

      Looks like the current ‘Samples Rate’ to New Zealand is $5US, guess they finished free shipping! Oh well, still tempting šŸ™‚

    • Unfortunately, yeah, they stopped a while ago. Just samples to Canada is also five dollars, which kind of makes sense since seriously, they’re still using the box and that has got to cost mroe than five dollars.

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