Indie Post- Fierce Magenta

Fierce Magenta is one of those Etsy shops I kept looking at for a while before finally making an order. They mostly sell lip products, although they do have a small selection of eyeshadow as well.

Glorious lippies!

Glorious lippies!

I ordered a package where you could get two mini lipsticks and one lip gloss for 15.69, because I figured I could get over my weird aversion to glosses for these. This was just after I had tried out Lux et Voluptas from Portland Black Lipstick Company, and was loving the idea of rosy gold colours on my lips. Plus, you know, they had a blue lipstick on there, and that’s sort of my thing.

The lipsticks came in little mini lip balm tubes. For sample sizes, they were pretty large- I’ll be using these for a while. The lip gloss was in a squeeze tube with a slanted tip applicator.

Midnight Sky.

Midnight Sky.

Midnight Sky is a blue lipstick. I love it. It’s almost black, and just gives the slightest hint of blue. As well, when it fades, it fades fairly evenly to a lighter gray-blue.

Quicksilver on my face.

Quicksilver on my face.

Quicksilver is a metallic silver. I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do. I had never considered silver lipstick as an option, and now there is a whole world of possibilities open to me. Thanks, Fierce Magenta.

Both of the lipsticks were fully opaque in one swipe, and while Quicksilver rubbed off a bit quicker than Midnight Sky, they still had respectable weartimes.

Romance! Top photo is over bare lips, bottom is over Maybelline Superstay 24 Lip Colour in Everlasting Wine.

Romance! Top photo is over bare lips, bottom is over Maybelline Superstay 24 Lip Colour in Everlasting Wine.

I wouldn’t say this is a bad Romance at all. It gives the slightest gold sparkle to my lips, but looks pretty nice and sweet and natural. Of course, that is hardly ever a look I am going for, so I did some alchemy and found out when I layer it over red lipstick, I have red and gold lipstick, which is a nice holiday look. It lasts for about two hours on average, which I think is adequate for glosses. It is kind of on the sticky side, as my wild, bushy hair helped me discover. I might not buy this again, since I have decided to stop trying to make myself like lip gloss and this is the most lip-gloss-esque product I own. That said, this is personal preference again, and I think someone who likes lip gloss would probably like these.

I might also remark that all these products were fairly true to the photos the site has up. I was expecting some variation, but on my monitor, it’s pretty much identical. This is a huge plus.

While I can’t speak to the quality of the eyeshadows, if you want a wacky colour for your lips, Fierce Magenta might be a shop to check out.


7 thoughts on “Indie Post- Fierce Magenta

    • Thanks! I was surprised by how much I liked the silver, since I don’t normally go for light coloured lips, you know? But it’s neat and pigmented and it’s become one of my favourite weird lippies.

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