Paint it Black- A Black Eyeshadow Comparison

This post was requested by a reader, who I assume is mystically aware of my awkward junior high emo phase and thus my natural attraction to black makeup. I do own a decent amount of black eyeshadow, because some days you just have to rock the panda eye. So here it is, swatches of all my blacks.

You know, I might own too much makeup.

You know, I might own too much makeup.

For the purposes of this post, I included eyeshadows that looked black in the pan, jar, or bag, since I’m far too lazy to clean separate swatches off my arm upon discovering that they’re actually bright neon green. I didn’t bother swatching them over NYX Milk because that seemed kind of unnecessary. I’ve already reviewed a lot of these, but I thought it wise to include them in the comparison.

Set 1- palettes!

Set 1- palettes!

Here’s a bunch of palettes and things that had black shadows in them, which I’m sure is partially why I bought them.

Left is Pixie Epoxy, right is primer.

Left is Pixie Epoxy, right is primer.

Urban Decay’s Zero (from the shadow box palette, available on various websites heavily discounted.) This is a pretty decent black. It has a bit of shimmer in, but nothing too noticeable. It is also a really strong black even without primer.

Sugarpill’s Soot And Stars (available here) A sparkly, almost-black charcoal. Decent opacity, and nice sparkles.

Wet N Wild’s Three’s A Party  (I don’t know where you can buy this.) A pretty good matte black eyeshadow, especially considering that it was really super cheap. And came with a matte drugstore red, which is one of the things the world needs more of.

Coastal Scents Incognito (Available as a shadow single here.) Another matte black. A decent matte black for 1.99, although if I got it I would have to find something to do with the loose single, which would be kind of a nuisance.  Both the Coastal Scents shadows I’ve tried were really super powdery and messy, though, which is an issue considering they often come in massive palettes.

Coastal Scents Gunmetal (Available here.) This has a bit of sparkle, and is a bit darker than Incognito.

LA Colors Black Eyeshadow From The “Devious” Palette (Available at your local dollar store.) This is not a great eyeshadow. It’s sort of gray and not opaque or anything, which I guess I should have expected considering it was 2 dollars for the set. Still, probably not worth it.

Alpha Eyeshadow Palette (Available on eBay.) This palette was two dollars off eBay, but I didn’t have any black eyeshadow when I got it, so I decided to take a risk. Honestly, the rest of the palette is really, really bad, but this is not bad at all. It’s a really opaque sparkly black. There are things like safety concerns when you buy no-name eBay makeup, but I live on the edge.

NYC HD Eyeshadow Trio in Skyrise Steel (You can get it at Wal-Mart or something, I think?) This is a bad eyeshadow. There is no redeeming factor to these eyeshadows. The NYC swatch over Pixie Epoxy is outperformed by the cheap eBay palette over bare skin. Do not get this, there are so many better ways to spend 2.99.


Indie Shadows Part One

Indie Shadows Part One

The picture wasn’t sideways, but there’s no fixing it now. Now we’re back to my specialty- powders to rub on my face.

Swatch arm! Pixie Epoxy on the left, primer on the right.

Swatch arm! Pixie Epoxy on the left, primer on the right.

Back2TheEarth’s Ashes to Ashes (available here) This is a charcoaly black, completely matte. Unlike most of my Back2TheEarth samples, this matches the colour of the pictured product.

Back2TheEarth’s Midnight Rider (available here) I first reviewed these before I discovered the magic of primer. Swatching these over Pixie Epoxy, I thought, would bring them to anywhere near the level of the colours in the listings. I was wrong. This is a black with sparse purple glitter.

Back2TheEarth’s Starry Night (available here) This is a black with sparse purple glitter.

Shiro’s Rebellion (available here) This is a deep blue black, which blends really well.

Back2TheEarth’s Purple Dragon (available here)  This is a black with sparse purple glitter. (Are you sensing a theme in these eyeshadows? I think I overrated this company a bit.)

Back2TheEarth’s True Black (available here) A decent matte black. I wouldn’t recommend ordering anything from the company, though, since there are so many better companies without such ridiculous swatches.

Detrivore’s Gargoyle (available here) This is a black with purple glitter that actually shows nicely on the eyes.

Notoriously Morbid’s 13 Black Rainbows (available here) I want to buy all of this and roll around in it. It’s a black with cool rainbow sparkles that makes me really happy on the inside.

Sobe Botanicals’ Jet (available here) This was actually part of my first indie purchase from when I didn’t know any better. Looking back, I would not have made that order. That website looks really super sketchy. That said, Jet is a nice matte black.

Madd Style Cosmetics’ Trick Or Treat (available nowhere. It is just for me.) I got this from the October subscription box, and still love it. It’s a gunmetal with blue sparkles in it- while not black, it is still nice.

These are the last swatches- I thought they were black from the baggies, but these are quite deceptive.

Look at all the colours.

Look at all the colours.

I figured I might as well include it, since I really do like how all the different colours came from black. Good job, makeup people. I’m very proud.

Overall, I think I have a lot of black eyeshadow and should probably stop ordering more.



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