Indie Post- Eccentric Cosmetics

Eccentric Cosmetics is an Etsy shop with ‘eccentric’ in the name, so I pretty much had to make an order. They’re based in Australia, which is important news if you live in Australia and find makeup shipping costs to be prohibitively high. I ordered a sample pack, since not only can I never have too many baggies of pretty coloured dust, shipping jars around the world is quite expensive.

Pretty pink baggie.

Pretty pink baggie.

The ten-sample pack that I ordered comes in a pink bag with flowers on it. Included is the invoice with a little note on it.

Little sample baggies!

Little sample baggies!

I ended up getting twelve samples instead of ten, which I am cool with. The labels on the package include the name, ingredients, and whether or not the shadow is lip-safe, which is handy if, like me, you just request they pick out colours for you. It’s kind of fortunate that they do, since most of the listed colours sound really complex from the descriptions.

First arm of swatches! Heroine to Oceanic Expedition.

First arm of swatches! From left, over Pixie Epoxy, NYX Milk, and primer. Heroine to Oceanic Expedition.

Heroine is currently not in the etsy shop, but it’s still listed as an option in the sample packs. It’s an almost lilac blue-purple colour, with a bit of shimmer, but not much.

Fatal Mistake is a purply brown with a lot of silver sparkles that show up really well with Pixie Epoxy. A weird thing I noticed about these shadows is that they don’t seem to react too well with the primer I used. It might just be an individual primer thing, so if you only use GOSH Velvet Touch eye primer and you refuse to use anything else, watch out. As well, it’s kind of notable that a lot of the complex shadows seem kind of muddled in purpose- the description claims that this is “silver tinged dark brown with red undertones and silver and copper sparks” but a lot of that is just sort of lost when you put it on.

Future Is A Choice is a dark metallic blue, no matter what the swatch in the shop says. (Speaking of what the shop says, can indie shops stop saying that shadows are just as vibrant without primer when they clearly aren’t? I have to use a primer anyhow, since my eyelids are fairly consistently bathed in oil, so I don’t even care if you need one or not to make the colours pretty.)

Urban Graffiti is the closest thing I got to a neutral. It’s a deep golden bronze colour, with gold sparkles. It’s a nice colour to use with other colours, since fall is coming and I suppose using a million neon colours on my eyes every day is kind of a summer thing.

Alexandria is a red-orange with a pink duochrome. A nice colour, simple, and pretty.

Digital Love is a light blue-toned pink with what looks like silver sparkles. Unfortunately, the duochrome was lost in my sample.

Oceanic Expedition was a bit of a disappointment. It’s a sheerish navy blue with a lot of glitter- it only was really opaque over Pixie Epoxy.

Acid Drops to Mischievous Punk. Primer on the left, then NYX Milk and Pixie Epoxy. Doing two arms of swatches is difficult.

Lychee to Mischievous Punk. Primer on the left, then NYX Milk and Pixie Epoxy. Doing two arms of swatches is difficult.

Lychee is white, with silvery-blue sparkles in it. It’s very pretty, and it is a pity it is not lip-safe because I want to pack it on over black lipstick to see what happens.

Acid Drops is a yellowy spring green with a lot of shimmer. I thought I might have picked up on some gold sparkles in there, but that might be a figment of my imagination.

Eternal Sunshine is actually thrilling to my entire being. It’s a metallic gold eyeshadow, and I don’t know if the sample of Sugarpill’s Goldilux that I got is influencing me, but this is a really nice thing. It is a bit less “my eyes are made of metal!” than Goldilux is, but for half the price, it’s a pretty good substitute.

False Astronomy is burgundy with a coppery sheen. This is another really good one- while it’s interesting, nothing’s really lost in putting in more stuff.

Mischievous Punk– eyeshadow name or my dream job title? The colour itself is sort of like False Astronomy, but with pink sparkles instead of copper.

Digital Love and Urban Graffiti.

Digital Love and Urban Graffiti.

So, would I recommend Eccentric Cosmetics? Sure. While I’d be wary of the more complicated shades, since a lot of notes are lost, they still make a bunch of nice colours. Just get a primer that isn’t my clearance-bought horrid stuff.

Up next, another Notoriously Morbid order because I have a problem.


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