Notoriously Morbid’s Newest Collections

So, on the very day I got my last Notoriously Morbid order, they released not one, but two new collections. Notoriously Morbid kind of gets me. Also, on the day I got these, they put out a new preorderable collection that comes with a coupon code for up to 40% off any order you make for an entire year. Needless to say, I placed an order immediately. Now, knowing my luck, I’ll get the 10% one, which would be sort of a bummer since every order I’ve made so far has come with a 20% off coupon anyhow. Still, the colours look neat, and I ordered it on freebie friday, which means I’ll be getting another Coffin Kisser too. This is good because I can’t get over how much I love the Bitten Beauty one. While the formula is a bit softer than other lip balms I own, I put it on about an hour before my lipstick and I feel great.

My little pack of joy. Or makeup.  Whatever.

My little pack of joy. Or makeup. Whatever.

I don’t know when Notoriously Morbid started including spider and skull confetti in the baggies, but it is really cute. (This time I didn’t get scared by fake spiders, since I’m not always a wuss.)

The little haul!

The little haul!

I ordered four full-size shadows, plus samples of all the new things. Once again, I got the 20% coupon, and two free samples of Boe and Lunatic Shrilling. (For the first time, Notoriously Morbid has sent me a repeat sample. I forgive them, though, since I guess that is what happens when you buy all the new colours that come out from a company upon release.)

Swatches of the full sizes and free samples!

Swatches of the full sizes and free samples! Pixie Epoxy on top, then NYX Milk and regular primer.

Lycan’s Revenge is a true red. There’s some light golden sparkle in it, but nothing too overwhelming. It also performs surprisingly well without any primer or anything.

I got a sample of Young Merlin with my last order and needed a full-size. It’s brown with RAINBOWS in. I don’t think you understand how much this thrills me.

No More A Witch looks brown in the jar, but you put it on and it turns into a beautiful forest green. Someday I’ll stop being so enthralled by that.

Tenorman’s Tears is sort of a frosty Tiffany blue that shines a lot and is really hard to photograph.

Lunatic Shrilling is still a nice purple with subtle copper sparks.

Boe is also a reference I get! Look at me, being up on the pop culture! It is much like Jack Harkness in that I think it is very pretty and want to rub it all over my face. The colour itself is a metallic copper, with a strong orange sheen.

New stuff! I also got a sample of Hallowed Ground because reasons. Pixie Epoxy on top, then NYX Milk, then regular primer.

New stuff! I also got a sample of Hallowed Ground because reasons. Pixie Epoxy on top, then NYX Milk, then regular primer.

The Save Me collection is a reference to something that actually completely escapes me. When I looked up “save me jack carly” on Google, the first result was about the couple on As The World Turns, but I don’t think that’s it, although I am impressed that someone wrote so much about this one couple on a soap opera. I’ll just sit here being proud about getting pre-eleven Doctor Who references.

One November is a chocolatey brown with slight shimmer. Like all these new shadows, it is wicked at being pigmented without primer.

Captivated is an olive green with brown sparkles in it. It’s about as neutral as a green can get, and I sort of want to try mixing this and Kilgharrah.

Jack is a coppery bronze with a strong metallic finish to it.

Carly is a rosy pink with copper sparkles. It goes quite well with Jack, which I guess was the intent.

Hallowed Ground is one of the Halloween shadows they had up this year. It’s a mustardy yellow. Unfortunately, the purple shift just sort of makes it a bit browner, but it’s still a nice colour.

I do get the reference for the Magical Mystery collection, which I guess might really date me if I was older than I am. I don’t recall ever seeing a Beatles-themed collection, so I thought it was kind of neat.

No One Was Saved is a dark gray-purple with a light violet duochrome. I really like this one, and might consider getting a full size.

Pornographic Priestess surprised me when I swatched it. In the baggie it looked a lot more brown, but swatched it’s a light sparkly pink. It’s kind of translucent, but that’s compared to the other shadows, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it, since it’s still good with a primer or something.

I am so sorry my camera cut off the swatch for Lizard On A Window Pane but I promise it’s a glorious colour. It’s a light silver with a green duochrome that looks almost opalescent. I haven’t ordered a full-size yet. Yet being the operative term in that sentence.

Jack and No More A Witch

Jack and No More A Witch

It’s Notoriously Morbid. Of course I’m happy. What were you expecting?



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