Notoriously Morbid’s Dark Christmas Dream Collection!

Now, as some of you may know, I’m not exactly brimming with Christmas spirit. I mean, it’s a fine time of year. I get to nap, which is alright. But I also work retail, and thus am rather cynical and jaded about the whole deal. However, there are a few things that send a nonironic holiday spark straight to my cold, shrivelled little heart. One of those things is the Christmas Carol. When I was a kid and also now that I’m an adult, the Muppet Christmas Carol was our family Christmas movie. It’s a surprisingly faithful adaptation given that most of the characters are made of felt, and it always makes me smile just a bit. So I pretty much had to get the Dark Christmas Dream collection.

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Delving Into The Mystery Bag Of Samples- part 1.

If you order makeup on the Internet, you may be familiar with samples. They come all the time with pretty much any order I make. One day, I saw someone who got a lot of beauty boxes selling little bags of samples, and I got one. I’ve been adding to it, and now I think I’m finally ready to go on ahead and try some stuff out. I figured I might as well review it, despite not knowing anything about what I’m doing.

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Madd Style Cosmetics- November’s Madd Cat Beauty Box

Okay, I know I’m late and all, so I might not get to judge, but this package actually didn’t arrive until the 9th of December. It was probably an issue with my mail service, but still, it was kind of worrisome for me to have it take so long. Ah, Canada Post, you’re kind of unfortunate.

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Dreamworld Hermetica; Seriously, How Do They Make Money

I’m back with a brand new review! I would have made it earlier, but I was celebrating being done my semester’s work in the best way possible (alone at home with mimosas and pie) so I wasn’t really in a fit state.

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An Apology

Sorry, everyone. I have a bunch of stuff I am sitting on to review, but I have been really super busy. Working many hours, as one tends to do in retail as Christmas approaches, plus there are many things to do in school, as tends to be the case as finals approach. Plus napping. I promise I’m not dead and will post maybe sometime this week.