Dreamworld Hermetica; Seriously, How Do They Make Money

I’m back with a brand new review! I would have made it earlier, but I was celebrating being done my semester’s work in the best way possible (alone at home with mimosas and pie) so I wasn’t really in a fit state.

On my birthday, I made an order from Dreamworld Hermetica with some birthday money, since I figured I might as well actually give Ellie some of my money as opposed to just letting her send me free stuff. (Did I mention she already is sending me some more free stuff? Seriously, I could wear only Dreamworld makeup for like three weeks if I wanted.) I ordered a few eyeshadow minis to try out.

Here is what Ellie sent me. The eyeshadow minis are in the third bag from the left.

Here is what Ellie sent me. The eyeshadow minis are in the third bag from the left.

Besides my order, Ellie sent me two lip glosses, a bunch of white foundation samples, two of her new primers, and all the blushes from her Witches of Legend collection. I think I’m alright with this.

The white foundations, unfortunately, I couldn’t get swatches of. Perhaps someday when I am tan it will be easier. Ha, ha, ha. Anyway, the Mummy Dust foundations are all white with different tones. I tried them over too-dark foundations I had, and they were pretty alright, although Tara-B made me look kind of dead. That’s what I go for, though.

Blush swatches number one! They're blended out a bit on the right.

Blush swatches number one! They’re blended out a bit on the right. All swatches over bare skin.

Hecate’s Magick is lovely. It’s a really nice lavender blush, which appeals to me because even when I am wearing blushes, I don’t want to look like a normal person. It gives me a nice purple shimmer, which I appreciate. I look all spooky and ethereal, and it isn’t too heavy for my pastiness.

Sibylla is a purply pink with a lot of shimmer in there. It’s another one that I can easily wear without looking like a clown, which I appreciate.

Rosa is a shade of rosy pink that is very close to my natural flush. There’s a bit of goldish shimmer in there.

Winnie is orange. It’s very orange. I tried it, but I am not sharing those pictures because I looked like a clown. This would be lovely on darker-skinned people, but I think for me it might be better employed as an eyeshadow.

Phoebe is a peachy-gold highlight. While it’s a bit yellow for my skin, it’s really pretty.

Tabitha is a yellow highlight with gold sparkle. Again, not my colour, but quite luminous, which I’ve heard is a good thing.

Samantha is a cool semi-matte taupe. If I ever get confident enough to try contouring, this will be what I use.

Medea is a deep burgundy colour. This is another one I had trouble using without looking ridiculous, since it is quite pigmented.

Blush and lip gloss swatches. Over bare skin.

Blush and lip gloss swatches. Over bare skin.

The lip glosses aren’t available on the site yet, as far as I can tell. Salem is a rather opaque copper, and Witchcraft is a sheerer burgundy colour. They both wear fairly evenly.

Taz is a peachy-gold highlight with a lot of shimmer.

Endora is an orangey brown. It’s the colour I usually associate with bronzers.

Circe is a semi-matte burgundy that I really like. It’s a bit tricky to use, but I managed it, I think.

Sabrina is a light, frosty pink colour that is very hard to overdo, which I appreciate.

Piper is a peachy pink with gold sparkles. I think it looks kind of like NARS Orgasm, but I’ve never been in the same room as Orgasm so I can’t say for sure.

Isobel is a light dusty rose with silvery sparkles. I have yet to try it, but think it might look nice on me.

Eyeshadow samples over Eye Dew and Eye Nectar primers.

Eyeshadow samples over Eye Dew and Eye Nectar primers.

Pompeii is actually a bronzer too, but it was in with the eyeshadows. This is how little I know about anything at all. It’s a shimmery peach colour which isn’t too dark- if I wanted to give myself a healthy glow or look like I went out in the sun, this is what I’d use.

So is Brilliance. It’s a lovely coppery colour that would totally work as an eyeshadow too, though.

Okay, now on to stuff I know about. Dreamworld now offers Eye Of Ra Primers, which come in two formulas. Eye Dew is a thin gel, while Eye Nectar is an actively sticky fluid. I personally prefer Eye Dew for actual eye application- while Eye Nectar often amps up the colours and glitter a bit more, it feels a lot stickier and doesn’t dry, so I felt like my eye was sticking open all day.

Unseelie Queen from the Queens of the Night collection is quite firmly not a bronzer. Or if it is, it’s the best bronzer ever. It’s a deep black colour with foresty green sparkles.

Queen’s Guard is a metallic copper. It’s really pretty in the light, and has a gold sheen to it.

Autumn Kiss from the Falling Fast collection is a white with a greenish sheen. On the website, it looks a lot more firmly gold- I’m not too disappointed, but it is a fairly different colour.

Revelations is from the Blue Bloods collection. It’s a light frosty blue with a silvery sparkle that I kind of love.


Eye swatches part 2.

Gates Of Paradise, also from the Blue Bloods collection, is an aqua shade with a deep green shimmer. It’s hard to photograph, but I promise it’s nice.

Up From The Grave from the Night Huntress collection is a greeny silver with a frosty finish.

Queen’s Dowry is a metallic khaki with gold sparkle that really reacts well with any primer you use it on.

Queen’s Ransom is a bright metallic gold, which is something I’ve been loving recently in my eyeshadow.

I put stuff on my face!

I put stuff on my face!

I decided to try out the primers on separate eyes. The Eye Nectar I found a lot harder to use, and I found the shadow moved around a lot. The Eye Dew, however, was great- it went on really easily, and it lasted nearly as long as my primer of choice, Too Faced Shadow Insurance. (And that’s on my eyelids, which are incredibly greasy and can’t hold onto anything, so this is a ringing endorsement.)

Salem was also nice- it added a light gold sparkle to my lips, which stayed after the gloss faded away. Witchcraft doesn’t photograph as well, but it’s also fairly sheer with a sort of reddish gloss. Because it’s me, I wore it over a dark purple lipstick and it was so pretty.

Overall, I’m very happy with both the stuff I paid for and the mountains of free things. Expect to see me experimenting more with blushes and things soon!


4 thoughts on “Dreamworld Hermetica; Seriously, How Do They Make Money

  1. Simone says:

    They make money because people like you write about their awesome stuff. Then people like me want to buy it all. I need samples of that Foundation lightening magic powder!

    But I have too many packages coming so I will wait. I will wait.

      • Simone says:

        Um… Well considering I’m not sure how long I can stay where I am… Yes!

        Sadly I’m not sure if your glam package will make Christmas. As a non religious person I normally celebrate the new year anyway (it was formerly my anniversary,) but I’m still waiting on a shipping notification for part of it.

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