Madd Style Cosmetics- November’s Madd Cat Beauty Box

Okay, I know I’m late and all, so I might not get to judge, but this package actually didn’t arrive until the 9th of December. It was probably an issue with my mail service, but still, it was kind of worrisome for me to have it take so long. Ah, Canada Post, you’re kind of unfortunate.

Oh my goodness, can you imagine if I got all this stuff in my box?

Oh my goodness, can you imagine if I got all this stuff in my box?

It was especially nerve-wracking because I made another order that was shipped with the box. Luckily for me, they all arrived safe and sound!

Included with the Madd Cat bag was a coupon code for free shipping. That may not sound like a lot to you, but it’s worth more than a 25% coupon would be on a 32 dollar order for me, so I’m good with it.

My extra pretties!

My extra pretties!

There was a deal on when I ordered where you could get six eyeshadows for 20 dollars and, as you can see, I jumped on that.  And yes, the lid of the one on the right matches with the shadow. Duochromes are so cool.

What I got in my box!

What I got in my box!

In the Madd Cat box itself, I got two shadows, two shadow samples, a glitter sample, and two cute little pins. Now, I don’t often use cosmetic glitter, and I’m not sure where I’ll put the pins, since it’s winter and my jacket is leather. That said, that’s more of a personal issue than getting a bad box. This month’s theme is Thanksgiving, but I can’t say it particularly sticks to it. I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in November, though, so I didn’t mind.

Swatches! Pixie Epoxy on left, NYX Milk in middle, primer on right.

Swatches! Pixie Epoxy on left, NYX Milk in middle, primer on right.

Tron is a teal shadow with blue shimmer. It didn’t particularly remind me of either Tron movie I’d seen, as it’s a bit too dark and green to properly replicate the lights, but this is a bit of nerdpicking and probably not at all relevant to any of you.

Sweet Berry Wine is an exclusive subscription box shade. It’s a deep burgundy with a slight pink shimmer. I’d buy it full-size, I think.

Desert Punk is a light rosy champagne. It reminds me of swatches I’ve seen of Naked3, although that might be because everyone is talking about Naked3 all the time and I’m grumpy about it. (“Ugh,” I say to myself, “why would anyone want a neutral palette, can’t they just wear neon pink and black eyeshadow all the time like a normal person?”)

Neverending Summer is a buttery yellow with gold sparkles that I’m not grumpy about for irrational reasons. While it’s a bit yellow for me in my quest for gold shadows, it’s still quite pleasant. I don’t think I’ll be getting either of my samples this month in a full-size.

Ice Queen is a blue and silver glitter. I work in a craft store so I get covered in glitter anyway by the end of the day, but if I was to put glitter on me on purpose for some unfathomable reason, this would be a nice one.

Spirited Away is a blue-toned purple with a bunch of gold sparkles. It’s a pretty nice colour that I can easily see myself using a lot.

Final Fantasy, why did I buy you? I knew I was going to review this order, and it is impossible to capture this on film. It’s a purple-toned grey with a stunning gold duochrome that makes it look like completely different colours in different lights. Next time I’m getting all mattes.

The Bride is another magical million-colour shade. It looks blue-gray with green sparkle here, and in the sun it turns a lot more blue. It’s another really interesting colour.

All That Glitters is simple in comparison. It’s a very sparkly combination of silver and gold, with the silver dominating in most lights.

I’ve posted about Raven Feathers before, and I still love it. It’s the blue-purple-black colour I wish I could get my hair to be.

Seedless is a very light pink with a slight green interference. I was expecting the green to be more blatant, but it’s still a pretty colour.

Seedless, Sweet Berry Wine, and Raven Feathers on a face.

Seedless, Sweet Berry Wine, and Raven Feathers on a face.


So, what do I think? Once again, I must say, Madd Style makes fabulous duochromes. With this coupon code, I plan on ordering some mattes to see if they’re as great. My only problem was a slight lack of communication when I was needling them about my package taking a long time to arrive. They don’t send out e-mails or anything when your parcel goes out, so it’s always weird trying to see when it’ll arrive. That said, it got here and everything was cool, so we are good.


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