Delving Into The Mystery Bag Of Samples- part 1.

If you order makeup on the Internet, you may be familiar with samples. They come all the time with pretty much any order I make. One day, I saw someone who got a lot of beauty boxes selling little bags of samples, and I got one. I’ve been adding to it, and now I think I’m finally ready to go on ahead and try some stuff out. I figured I might as well review it, despite not knowing anything about what I’m doing.



The bag even says “Mystery” on it, so you know it’s mysterious.

Montagne Jeunesse Red Earth Clay Mask

oh yeah those models are totally wearing that mask

oh yeah those models are totally wearing that mask

I got this from my Influenster Maple Voxbox thing. It’s a mask that’s supposed to help cleanse my pores or something like that. There are three kinds, all of which are cleansing masks. From the package, it looks like there is clay over a thin layer of photoshop cloth. You supposedly just wash your face, put it on, relax for fifteen minutes, wash off the residue, and then your face is perfect. This one has a weird emphasis on things being “pulped and juiced” throughout the promotional material. It has “suitably spicy” cinnamon, as well as pomegranate in there somewhere.

Hey, sexy lady.

#selfie #nomakeup #duckface

This is a sheet mask product that’s apparently “infused with clay.” Personally, I’ve got a lot of sheet masks that I am slowly making myself use, with great difficulty. There are a few reasons for this- first, as you see here, it is impossible to wear a sheet mask without looking like you are wearing someone else’s skin. I’ve never found one that fits my face, as well- I don’t know if I just have a tiny little baby face or what, but it’s hard. As well, I’m kind of a cheapskate, and non-sheet masks can be split up and saved in ziploc baggies. Sheet masks are firmly one-use-only products.

This mask in particular had a few unique challenges. First off, as you can kind of see here, the  clay was sort of unevenly dispersed over the surface of the mask. The cinnamon smell was also really overpowering, and it also kind of smelled like something was burning. I had a lot of trouble relaxing for the fifteen minutes.

After the mask.

After the mask.

I found my skin was a bit redder than usual after I was done. It felt a bit cleaner, but that might also have been because you have to wash your face twice to use this thing. It does feel nice, and if it wasn’t in sheet mask form, I’d totally buy it sometime. If the sheetiness doesn’t deter you, it might be worth a try.

Fresh Brown Sugar Body Cream

Here's a bottle!

Here’s a bottle!

This is basically body lotion. It apparently has a scrub involved somehow, but I don’t want no scrubs. It claims to have an “addictive scent.”

What lotion looks like.

What lotion looks like.

The scent is weirder than I expected- it’s kind of a weird citrusy thing. It says “brown sugar” on the label so I was expecting to smell like cookies. This is a pretty okay lotion- I have dry skin a lot, and it does moisturize. However, I just looked it up and a full-size is about 40 dollars at Sephora. It’s nice, but not that nice.

Bonus scent- Gucci Guilty Black Pour Femme!

Bonus scent- Gucci Guilty Black Pour Femme!

Sephora also sent me this weird little card with fancy perfumes on there. I’ll try to tell you what I think, despite knowing even less about these than I do about skincare stuff.

Guilty Black… Iunno, it smells like this cologne this guy I dated used to use. It’s kind of heavy and quite perfumey-smelling. It doesn’t really put me in mind of dark romance as much as it does smelling like a high-fashion version of potpourri.



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