Oh my dear is it ever cold.

Alright, so, the plan was to post about Shiro before this Monday. That may or may not happen. I don’t mean to disappoint, but I really do have a good reason, I promise! This morning, there was a fire at a power plant, so my entire province lost power. (No, really. Picked a good day for it too, since it’s -30 degrees wind chill outside.) I’ve just gotten power back now, but it’s sort of flickering on and off, so a full post might not be happening right now. The power company is saying everything should be back to normal by Tuesday (!!!) so if nothing else, I’ll have something for you then.

Spoiler alert- pretty.


EDIT- Power is back, sorta kinda. There will be rolling blackouts until Tuesday, and we are out of fancy beers and smoked salmon, but generally everything is okay on this end. No need to worry!


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