My Christmas Shiro Orders!

Alright, so I have two Shiro orders to review. This isn’t through my own forgetfulness- it just so happens that I am predictable enough that someone else ordered Shiro for me for Christmas. They arrived on the same day, so I can’t imagine what Caitlin must think of me.

Packed up!

Packed up!

As per usual, they arrived in brown paper bags, sealed with nice stamps or something with Tiffany lamps on.

Opened up!

Opened up!

I bought myself a few old colours of the month and some stuff from the Minecraft collection, while the gift included some stuff from the Hobbit collection. Luckily, there was only one overlap, and it was samples of Lingered in Twilight. The packets also each came with mints and the dark chocolate truffle Hershey kisses, which I greatly appreciated since those ones are my favourite but I couldn’t find them anywhere in stores this year. As you can see, only one set of candy made it to the photo.

I would also like to comment on how pretty all the shadow art is. I’ve recently found a new way to organize some of my indie shadows that works a bit better than “a box on my floor” and the pictures on the top help me figure out which is which. Good on you, Shiro.

Full arm of swatches!

Full arm of swatches!

Pixie Epoxy is on the left, NYX Milk is in the middle, and primer is on the right for all the swatches.

There and Back Again to Are You Shear You Wanna Enchant That?

There and Back Again to Are You Shear You Wanna Enchant That? Shiro, I love you, but long names are so hard to fit into pictures.

There And Back Again is a bright green. It’s got some slight shimmer, but not enough to really be a glitterbomb.

King Under The Mountain is a cool taupey brown with strong silvery shimmer. It isn’t quite a duochrome, but it’s very neat.

The Wandering Wizard is a matte timber-wolf-gray colour. It’s a surprisingly unique shade, and quite pigmented.

Chiefest Of Calamities is an orangey-red colour, spotted through with gold glitter. Not only is it a nice red, but it goes well with the other shadows I got, which I do appreciate. (Also it’s red. I also like that.)

Lingered In Twilight I got two samples of, and I’m glad for it. It’s a black with a deep green shimmer to it, that adds a spooky sort of glow when it’s used, especially over Pixie Epoxy.

A Regular Bear’s Meeting is a chocolatey brown with gold shimmer. It’s got a few more sparkles than the swatch on the website implies, but it certainly isn’t overwhelming.

Moon Prism Power is a colour I had to have, given my deep love for Sailor Moon. (You may laugh, but hey, strong female heroes saving the world while showing different ways to be girly as positive, gotta love it.) Unfortunately, the website says it’s impossible to photograph, and it’s right. It’s an almost white colour with green and pink and sparkles in there- really pretty, really unique, but you will have to take my word for it.

A Regular Bear's Meeting to Butts.

Lingered In Twilight to Butts.

Are You Shear You Wanna Enchant That? I’m really regretting not going for the cube jars of the Minecraft shadows. Would they fit in my new drawers? Probably not. But the full-size jars don’t have any art on them. The shadow itself is a dusty mauvey purple with silvery sparkles.

I’ll Move That For You is an almost-black purple with purple sparkles. If I was not stopping myself from buying lip glosses, I would get a gloss of this, because it is the colour I want my lips to be all the time.

You Dropped Your Rod is a dark metallic bronze colour with gold shimmer. It’s quite nice if you like your neutrals with a bit more drama.

Salt And Stone is one from the new Game of Thrones collection. While I can’t speak as to whether it suits the character, it’s a really cool colour. It’s a deep almost olive green-brown with light red shimmer that is almost invisible under most lights.

Riddles In The Dark is an almost charcoaly-green colour, with light gold sparkles.

Attercop, Attercop is a blue-black with strong blue shimmer. It’s the colour I want everything to be- lips, hair, eyelids, clothes, and so on.

Butts is an old colour of the month- however, it’s still available until the page goes down. For anyone who has ever thought “I want my face to look like Nathan Fillion’s butt,” this is the eyeshadow for you. It’s a shimmery khaki-beige colour that may be nude on some of you.

Butts, There And Back Again, and Lingered In Twilight on a real human eye.

Butts, There And Back Again, and Lingered In Twilight on a real human eye.

So, what is there to say about Shiro? Their current colour of the Month is called “Up All Night To Get Loki” so I’m already making an order just for that. Nice products, great owner, and the eyeshadows generally stand up to the swatch photos and the descriptions, which I appreciate. Nice stuff.


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