Dreamworld Hermetica’s Avalon Mattes!

Alright, first off, I am actually the worst. My apologies. I got this packet about two weeks ago, and only just got around to posting this review today. I am still working through my Black Friday purchases. I’m sorry, Internet, I have failed you. This collection actually got a jump to the relative front of the line because I got the samples for free since that is the sort of thing that happens when you’re me.


My whole arm of swatches! NYX Milk on the left, primer on the right.

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get a good picture of the sample baggies. They all ended up weird and blurry, and chances are you know what baggies look like anyhow. I didn’t bother swatching these over Pixie Epoxy because they’re matte. I personally never think of myself as a matte eyeshadow lady, but that is probably because I associate “matte” with “neutrals” and I can’t deal with looking like an aspect of my face could maybe be natural. The Avalon collection is a mixture of neutrals and bright colours, and considering that I probably need to incorporate a bit of brown into my collection anyhow, it looks like a nice mix.

Arthur's Shield to

Arthur’s Shield to Laird

Arthur’s Shield is a chocolatey brown. Although it looks tawny when next to Round Table, it’s a bit cooler in real life.

Round Table is a cool, purply brown. I use this a lot as a crease colour with any of my many, many purples, but you could also use it with normal-person eyeshadow.

Apple Island is a medium, slightly gray green.

Sayge is a lot grayer- these two blend really well together. I’d say this is the least pigmented of the colours, although I was impressed on the whole by the pigmentation, especially over Milk.

The Grove is a dark emerald colour.

Small Sea is a light robin’s egg blue.

Blade, besides having a cool hardcore name, is a neat purply-gray colour. It’s very handy for fading out from black.

Laird is a true sky blue.


Ygraine to Noble

Ygraine is a bright pink, as is Chalice. The two look rather similar, although Chalice is a bit more neon.

Pagan is the perfect Bobbie’s Inner Arm colour. It’s kind of uncanny, and it also throws off how pigmented it looks,

Into The Myst is a light pinky lilac colour.

Avalon Sunset is another pink. While it’s a bit darker and purpler than Ygraine and Chalice, it’s still rather similar.

Woad is a light blue-toned lavender. It’s not a colour I’ve seen very often at all, and I quite appreciate it.

Avalon Nyght is probably my favourite. It’s a bright, almost glowing purple, that’s surprisingly pigmented even without primer. (What, me, like a bright purple?)

Noble is a deep, dusty purple, which is also very useful.

Eye featuring Arthur's Shield and Avalon Nyght.

Eye featuring Arthur’s Shield and Avalon Nyght.

Overall, I did quite like this collection. Most of the colours were on the pigmented side, especially over a mildly sticky base. They all worked together and blended fantastically. My only real complaint was that the pinks all seemed similar, but really, “too much bright pink” isn’t the worst failing a collection can have. The colours range from “i can wear this to church” to “whoa that is certainly a purple” so no matter what sort of style you have, you might well find something to try out.


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