Fyrinnae Shadows and Lip Lustres

So, Fyrinnae looks like they’re open at the moment. That’s actually why this review rushed to the top of the queue, since I am being a good girl and not letting myself buy things before I review my last order from them. However, after figuring out everything I wanted to get and trying to log in to place an order, I found that they had shut down the login system because they weren’t taking orders. Unfortunately, this is a common problem for Fyrinnae- if you look at indie forums, you will see a lot of people asking why items won’t stay in the cart or they can’t log in. I do understand closing down the shop to help deal with demand- it’s a small yet popular operation, it happens. But really, putting up some form of notification is probably your best bet. There isn’t anything saying they had closed on the main page, or on their twitter.

I’m putting all this up here so you understand that I’m a little bit grumpy and am doing my best not to fall in love with these products in case they are never available again.

Everything open!

Everything open!

So I ordered six mini eyeshadows and four lip lustre samples. I got a free sample jar of Because Cats, and a follower sent me a mini of Mephisto because she is great. As you can see, the minis are pretty full- I am fairly certain I would never actually use up a full-size Fyrinnae shadow.



The part of me that is a sucker for tiny things (that’s actually all of me) loves the Lip Lustre trial vials. They are little dinky vials that have a doe-foot applicator and a goodly amount of product in them. These are actually very convenient- research shows that I can fit one in the change section of an old wallet I have, which is handy if you’re the sort of person who doesn’t carry actual luggage around as a purse.

Arm of swatches! Pixie Epoxy on the left, Milk in the center, primer on the right.

Arm of swatches! Pixie Epoxy on the left, Milk in the center, primer on the right.

Dressed To Kill is a dark, shimmery green-black shade. It’s a bit darker than it appears on the website.

Hypercool is a dark navy blue with blue shimmer.

Because Cats was my free sample. Because cats, I guess. It’s a deep blue-toned purple with a whack of sparkles in there. Especially over Pixie Epoxy, this is an interesting colour.

Tyr (who needs your fancy elitist accents) is a shimmery olive green that in some lights appears to be gold. It’s one of those unique colours, although it’s also not much like the swatch photo.

Sleepy Hollow is a medium teal colour with a strong gold shimmer. This one works really well with Because Cats for a simple it-is-an-ungodly-hour-in-the-morning-and-i-can’t-deal-with-picking-colours eye.

Meerkat is my other not-a-glittery-black pick. I think I love this. It’s a magenta shadow with a really strong gold sparkle, almost a duochrome. My swatch does not do it justice.

I’m not exactly sure how I managed to not order Mephisto but I am very lucky that Simone did it for me. This is another lovely one. It’s a deep dark blue shadow with a red duochrome that is absolutely stunning. You know the way blue ballpoint pen often has that red sheen? This looks pretty much exactly like that.

I labelled Wicked as Biker Chic because I really wanted to get Biker Chic. and it was two AM. Wicked is a purple with blue sparkles- they aren’t as pronounced as they are in the swatch photo on the site, but they do make an appearance.

Dragon's Blood Lip Lustre.

Dragon’s Blood Lip Lustre.

Okay, so with the Lip Lustres, a lot of the pictures on the website are kind of off. For example,on the site, Dragon’s Blood looks like it’s going to be a deep, dark burgundy. It’s actually a cool, pinup-esque red. Lovely colour, and I think it would be flattering on everyone, but it’s not really what I was expecting. All the lip lustres have a certain amount of shine from being cream products- they’re like a slightly glossier version of the NYX Matte Lip Creams.

Saloon Girl

Saloon Girl

This is another victim of the website picture. From the photo and description, I thought it was going to be a deep, dark red. In reality, Saloon Girl is a brownish dried blood sort of colour. (Why is that the first association I make?) It’s got a bit of sparkle, and is also kind of sheer.

Ghostly Voice

Ghostly Voice

To be fair to Fyrinnae, Ghostly Voice is really difficult to capture in a still image. It’s a steel-gray with a lavender duochrome effect. I didn’t really notice any rose pink as described, though. (In the photo, I’m wearing it over black lipstick.)

Narwhal Nuzzles

Narwhal Nuzzles

Because I’m not going to order things without ordering a blue lippy. Narwhal Nuzzles is a light robin’s egg blue. It’s the most matte of all of them, and fairly opaque.

On the whole, I see Fyrinnae as the Soup Nazi of indie makeup. Their products are fabulous. The shadows are wonderful to work with, the Lip Lustres are very nicely formulated, and Pixie Epoxy helps pretty much every glittery eyeshadow look nicer. But it’s quite an ordeal to actually get them in your hands. The swatches on the website are often incredibly inconsistent with the actual product, and even when you’re certain you’re about to order your lovelies, at the last moment, you may find the website saying “No makeup for you!” for no reason that you can discern. (Well, I thought it was a good reference.)

Will I order again? Probably, if they get their act together. Until then, I’ll just be clinging onto these as tightly as I can and grumbling under my breath.


7 thoughts on “Fyrinnae Shadows and Lip Lustres

  1. Simone says:

    Weird. Saloon Girl was black on me. Like… It just looked black. Maybe dark brown. I should pull it out and try it again now that my lips aren’t dry and see if I can make it look different.

      • Simone says:

        So when my ex declared that I’m not attractive anymore I kind of ripped everything out of shared space and dumped it into garbage bags. So Saloon girl is in a giant white bag with other assorted things. I was going to organize today but he appears to be working from home.

  2. At least you got the order. This is the second time I tried ordering from(not luck) them & they shut down as I was placing an order got black screen saying… closed till further notice. Really wishe they would get the act together.

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