Madd Style’s Madd Cat Box for January

I ended up skipping the review for Madd Style’s December box, but it was nice enough and on time so I continued my subscription. I just got this month’s yesterday, so back to being responsible!

Cute little packet!

Cute little packet!

This month’s box came with a bunch of confetti in there. Indie companies keep glitterbombing me and I’m not sure I’m okay with it.

The contents!

The contents!

The theme this month was New Year’s Eve, and the code was for free shipping. I’ve already used it, since the Nightmare Before Christmas and Clockwork Orange collections were both on sale. This time around, I can’t find a trace of either of my full-size shadows on Google. Presumably Stroke of Midnight is the monthly shadow, but the other one, Wrinkle In Time, is a mystery.

Swatches over Pixie Epoxy, NYX Milk, and primer.

Swatches over Pixie Epoxy, NYX Milk, and primer.

Now, looking at my arm, you may notice something. Namely, that it seems oddly grayscale. Especially in the jar, Wrinkle In Time looked darker, and I thought that they had sent me three glittery blacks. As is, they just sent two glittery blacks, which I think was an odd choice.

Wrinkle In Time is a dark steel-gray colour with slight greenish tones. There’s a bit of silver glitter in it, but not too much.

Stroke Of Midnight is the first of the glittery blacks. It’s actually a black glitter, so it’s a lot more subtle than you would expect.

You can only get Fairy Fright as part of the Twisted Neverland collection. While I’m not sure I’d order the collection based on this sample, I do quite like it. It’s a light, sheer duochrome with some gold and copper in. While it doesn’t photograph well, it’s lovely on.

Time Warp is a black with a bunch of blue glitter in. It’s the less subtle of this round of glittery blacks, but it hasn’t really won me over.


You try making a functioning look with glittery blacks and a highlight colour.

You try making a functioning look with glittery blacks and a highlight colour.

While they’re lovely shadows, Stroke of Midnight is a bit uncooperative when you try to blend it with sheer colours.

This month was kind of disappointing. If you’re only sending out four colours per bag, the least you can do is try and make two of them not nearly identical. Like, Madd Style makes a lot of colours, surely there are samples for one kicking around that doesn’t match the COTM so closely. As well, I kind of feel like they’ve been skimping for the past two months. This is the second month in a row I only got the two shadows and two sample baggies, which is the minimum they said they would send out. I’m staying subscribed for now, possibly only because next month will probably be Valentine’s Day so red eyeshadow will happen and it will be great. If it doesn’t wow me then, I plan on switching to the Innocent+Twisted Alchemy box, since I’ve heard that one’s lovely as well.

If you want to subscribe to the Madd Cat Monthly, click here.



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