Shiro- Now With Intertubes

I am actually kind of ashamed. I have ordered from Shiro how many times now without ordering a blue lippy? Normally that’s the first thing I go for. Shame be upon my head. That said, I had to make another order last month, because the COTM was called Up All Night To Get Loki. While I’m not one of those obsessed Tom Hiddleston fangirls or anything like that, I thought his performance as Coriolanus was absolutely fantastic, and also there was a pun in the eyeshadow name, so I was all over that noise.

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Lunatick Cosmetic Labs

Lunatick Cosmetic Labs is one of the few indie companies making palettes. While I am a fan of loose shadows, I’ve got a soft spot for palettes, if only because I’ve recently filled my storage for loose shadow jars and am kind of reconsidering every action I have taken up to this point. So recently, when they had a sale, I had to order one of their palettes. It was actually the perfect storm of factors that led me to the palette- not only was it on sale for 25 dollars instead of the regular 45, but I had just seen a really good review of another palette they sell. This is what overrode my initial distaste for the website. I’m hardly a web designer, and goodness knows I’ve given enough time to webpages with black and striped backgrounds and white or coloured text, but this is a bit much even for junior-high-era “nobody understands how goth I am” Bobbie. Like, look at this. This does not look like a trustworthy, professional company. To make it worse, the site is littered with typos and grammatical errors, and as the child of two editors, that does get under my skin. If any indie owner wants me to look over copy for them, I’m happy to do it for free, since that’s a personal pet peeve of mine and it’s the sort of thing that makes you seem about a million times less legitimate instantly.

Anyway, on to the actual product, I guess.

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Lumikki Cosmetics

If you run in indie circles, Lumikki might sound familiar to you. Specifically, through people saying that eyeshadows on their Etsy shop looked wonderful, but they made an order that never arrived. I was personally drawn into the world of indie cosmetics when I saw Dragon Scale on Etsy, since it looked like such a unique colour. They had a sale recently, and I had heard rumours that they were back on track. I made an order and got it within a week, which is quite an accomplishment when one is shipping to Canada. However, I have been told that a lot of people made orders around the same time and got nothing, with no response to e-mails to the owner. So while I got mine almost immediately, that certainly wasn’t a universal experience. I didn’t mention I was a blogger, in case you’re wondering- I generally only bring that up when there are blogger packs that I’m eligible for.

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Darling Girl Cosmetics

Just a quick note to people who might care about these things- posting might slow down over the next little while. My laptop just inexplicably died on me, and while it has been coming back to life periodically, I’m not too hopeful. Moral of the story- do not buy your laptop out of a van for sixty dollars. (Although it did last a good five years, so that’s not too bad for that cheap.) While I do have a tablet I can write posts with on the go, I can only edit photos on my desktop, which stays at home, so unless you want tablet-camera unlabelled swatch photos, I need to be at home and have free time. You know how it is.

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