Lucky Girl Boutique- a review and warning

So, those of you who follow my idle chatter may realize that there’s not much I like more than getting a package in the mail, especially if I wasn’t expecting it. Well, this week, that happened to me again.

I was so excited I couldn't stop shaking the camera.

I was so excited I couldn’t stop shaking the camera.

The difference between this and other packages is that normally when I get other packages that I wasn’t really expecting, my thought process is more “oh, heh, i guess i did make that order a few weeks ago.” With this, I said aloud, “wait, soap? who sent me soap? why did i get soap?” I legitimately didn’t remember ordering soap, especially two bars from an unfamiliar brand. I thought someone had sent me a present, but I couldn’t think of anyone who would send me two bars of soap, so I decided to go back in my Etsy history.

Way, way back.

On August 27, I was told by the owners of Lucky Girl Boutique that they had sent me a bar of soap that I had ordered. It never arrived, so I messaged them again in late September to ask what was up. They said they’d send me another bar, so I waited and eventually forgot, opting to buy a new bar of soap from the local farmer’s market. Now, after a mere five months of waiting, it arrives, apparently with a friend!

I was kind of confused by this- after all, it typically doesn’t take five months to ship to Canada from America, plus the package was postmarked January 23rd, which is a bit late to ship out. So I messaged them, and they said there were some “issues” with the mailing system so they sent an extra bar to compensate. This was even more confusing, as there was no way for them to have known that I didn’t get it. I asked about that, and got no response from them, so here I am now.

Here is some soap!

Here is some soap!

The soap I ordered was called Black Cherry Blast, and the scent is pretty strong. Like, I got whiffs of it before opening the mailing envelope with the ziploc bag full of soap inside. It’s a really strong artificial cherry scent- if that’s your bag, awesome. I also got a sample of another soap entitled Love Spell, but I really couldn’t tell you what it’s like. Even after it’s been sitting out for three days, it still smells of artificial cherry. (I suppose that is what happens when they cohabitate for five months.) Pity, I wanted to know what love smells like.

Here is what a bar of soap looks like!

Here is what a bar of soap looks like!

Beyond the scent, there’s nothing really separating this from your average bar of Ivory or whatever. It isn’t any more lathery or anything than any other soap. I mean, it’s soap, and it’s kind of nice, but not waiting for five months nice.

Here is my face after I used the soap.

Here is my face after I used the soap.

So yeah, you might want to give these guys a pass. While it is certainly soap, it’s not particularly impressive soap, and there’s a chance it won’t arrive until June even if you order now.



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