Dark Heart Designs

Another entry from the box of unopened Black Friday Indie Purchases. Dark Heart Designs is a store I didn’t know much about before ordering. They sell a bunch of things, including lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, primers, and eyeliner, but for my first order, I just stuck to eyeshadows.

Look at all that paper!

Look at all that paper!

The packet came in a little muslin bag printed with the shop’s logo, as well as two free sample baggies, an ingredient listing for each product, and a business card.

Baby clamshells!

Baby clamshells!

The first thing I noticed upon opening the packet is that the packaging is unlike any other indie stuff I have. These clamshells are tiny, but taller than the usual clamshells. Unfortunately, these are a bit stickier to open, causing a few miniature explosions on my hands when I tried to pry them open.

The full-sized shadow jars.

The full-sized shadow jars.

The full-size jars are sort of shaped like specimen jars or something, which I think is cool. It’s a bit harder to get shadow out of these sifters than it is regular jars, but otherwise they seem functional.

Swatches! Pixie Epoxy on top, NYX Milk in the middle, primer on the bottom.

Swatches! Pixie Epoxy on top, NYX Milk in the middle, primer on the bottom.

Gilded Girl is from the steampunk-themed collection. It’s a red-toned copper. It’s a good bit lighter than it looks in the swatch on the website, but it’s still a nice browny-toned shadow.

We Found Love is one of the many shadows inspired by a song. Fortunately, the selection is diverse enough that no matter what your tastes are, there’s probably a song that you enjoy on there. This is a grayish green with significant gold shimmer.

Haunting is one of their halloween shadows. It’s a light lavender with copper sparkles- again, not as dark as it seems on the site, but still very nice.

Anna is a cool-toned brown with blue and bronze-looking shimmer. I’ve never seen Season Of The Witch, but I’m sure this shadow represents her well.

Moshi Moshi is a light true orange with a bunch of white sparks in it.


More swatches! Same primers.

More swatches! Same primers.

Kiss And Make Tea I had to get, since those are two of my favourite activities. It’s described as a Tiffany blue, and while I’ve never been in the presence of even fake Tiffany anything, it looks about right. Plus it’s ridiculously pigmented, even without primer.

Killing Moon is a frosty ice blue shadow. It’s also relatively pigmented, although none of the shadows fail on that point.

Fighter was another one I had to get even though it’s brown because I kind of love that song. Enough about my abysmal taste in music, though. Fighter is a dark, matte chocolate brown that is very useful if you’re looking for a colour to go with other colours.

Toxic I totally did not buy because I secretly enjoy me some Britney. The website describes Toxic as a hot pink, but it’s actually a bright, bright red. That said, it is a fantastic bright red that looks just like the website swatches.

Twisted Metal is a deep, sparkly navy blue. It would be an excellent liner or crease colour if you aren’t into painting your whole face navy blue for some reason.

Finally, we have Dirty, which, weirdly enough, is not inspired by Christina Aguilera. It’s a light dusty brown with a bunch of glitter in there.

Fighter and Toxic on a human face.

Fighter and Toxic on a human face.

Overall, I was pretty impressed by Dark Heart designs. The shadows are generally quite pigmented, and blend well. My main issues are that the clamshells are kind of impractical and a few of the photos are a little bit off, but I’m pretty much satisfied.







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  1. Simone says:

    Just letting you know your blog officially has become a demo website button on my iPhone. That means when a desperate customer grabs me before I can run back to the back and has a question I show them a feature by explaining how to make a website into an on screen book mark.

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