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Just a quick note to people who might care about these things- posting might slow down over the next little while. My laptop just inexplicably died on me, and while it has been coming back to life periodically, I’m not too hopeful. Moral of the story- do not buy your laptop out of a van for sixty dollars. (Although it did last a good five years, so that’s not too bad for that cheap.) While I do have a tablet I can write posts with on the go, I can only edit photos on my desktop, which stays at home, so unless you want tablet-camera unlabelled swatch photos, I need to be at home and have free time. You know how it is.

My DG Order!

My DG Order!

So, I made an order from Darling Girl during their Black Friday sale and have actually been sitting on this review since then. Here we are, though! My order came with a free sample, a candy cane, some business cards, and a sticker that is now living on my dead laptop. I also got two free eyeshadows- Candied Yams and Who Cares, It’s On Sale, neither of which are going to be available ever again.

First arm of swatches! Left is Pixie Epoxy, with NYX Milk in the middle and primer on the right.

First arm of swatches! Left is Pixie Epoxy, with NYX Milk in the middle and primer on the right.

I also want to note that these are mostly sensible colours. I’m growing up.

Frankenstein is a coppery gold that is really, really orangey over Pixie Epoxy.

Faux Pas is a lavender with green shimmer. This is one of the colours where the shimmer shows a lot more in the light when you’re moving around.

I Am Pain was actually more impressive in real life than it was in the website swatch. It’s a really opaque baby blue with a strong green shift.

King Kong is stunning. It’s a black with an emerald green duochrome that really stands out.

It’s kind of hard to describe Black Moon satisfactorily. It’s a greenish gold with a red duochrome, and in a lot of lights it just sort of looks brown. That said, it is a really interesting colour.

Dark Crystal is one of her Diamond Dust shadows, and I’m pretty thrilled. It’s black with pink and purple glitter, and the glitter really stands out impressively.

Basket Case is a light blue-toned purple with aqua glitter. It’s a bit sheer, but it’s still really pretty.

My Little Pony is light pink with some sort of gold-green shift that happens in the light. It’s not as sheer as it looks, it’s just close to my skin colour.

Anam Cara is a plum with strong green sparkle.

London Calling (because of course if there’s Clash eyeshadow I’m getting some) is a deep blue with a red duochrome.

Swatches part two! Pixie Epoxy, NYX Milk, then primer.

Swatches part two! Pixie Epoxy, NYX Milk, then primer.

99 Luft Balloons is from the upcoming One-Hit Wonders 80’s collection, which I might well buy all of. It’s a purple eyeshadow with a silvery duochrome.

Candied Yams is a metallic orangey-gold. Look at the pigmentation on that. Even the areas over bare skin are opaque. It’s fantastic.

Who Cares, It’s On Sale is a dark taupe with scattered greenish sparkles. This is also fantastically pigmented, even if the colour isn’t my personal bag and the name makes it looks like I just gave up halfway through labelling swatches.



On the day before I was going to write this review up, I got a packet from a gift exchange with more Darling Girl stuff, since internet people are psychic. I got a sample baggie of London Calling and a petit of Basket Case as well as these. Some are petits in baggies, and there’s so much in there I think I might dump them into jars. She also included some Superstar Serum, which I’ll talk about later.

More swatches! Pixie Epoxy on top, NYX Milk in the middle, primer on the bottom.

More swatches! Pixie Epoxy on top, NYX Milk in the middle, primer on the bottom.

Honey Pot is very similar to Candied Yams in pigmentation, but it’s more yellowy. It’s a bright metallic gold.

Leviathan is a bright blue with green shimmer in it.

The Apocalypse… Not is a slightly greenish gold with a metallic finish and subtle blue shimmer.

Brocade is one of the colours I was looking at but eventually decided against in my order, and I’m so happy it got sent to me. It’s a purply pink with a really strong gold duochrome that stands out so well in the light.

Inferno Room is a bright, bright red, with a lot of coppery sparkle. Another of the colours I was looking at but decided against since I already have so much dang red eyeshadow. Moral of the story- you can never have too much dang red eyeshadow.

Mexican Radio is another of the upcoming One Hit Wonders, and it’s truly beautiful. It’s a taupe with a strong rosy sparkle to it.

I don’t know how I ended up not trying any of the mattes Darling Girl offers, so I’m glad someone else was around to correct this oversight. Forbidden Flame is a blue-toned red with a matte finish. I want to try more, since this is another stunningly pigmented one.

Snug As A Bug is, as far as I can tell, a past GWP shadow. It’s a cool-toned taupe with gold sparkle.

Swatches over Superstar Serum!

Swatches over Superstar Serum!

Superstar Serum is a foiling medium, which can be used to make your shadows all shiny or use them as a liner. This is just me trying to figure out its secrets, but I’m a fan. It really brought out the magic in duochrome shades- Brocade, Who Cares, Mexican Radio, and Dark Crystal all stood out especially. It didn’t do much for Forbidden Flame, but if I was trying to make a defined line as opposed to a blob on my arm, it would probably be great.

Candied Yams and Who Cares on a face.

Candied Yams and Who Cares on a face.

So, overall, I was very impressed with most of my Darling Girl eyeshadows. I still want to try that Glitter Glue, since I am really grumpy about Fyrinnae being closed forever, so given how happy I am, I will probably be making another order.


2 thoughts on “Darling Girl Cosmetics

  1. Simone says:

    It’s um… Really too bad that I don’t like blue shadows. I want “I am Pain” for the name because it reminds me of my favorite Elton John song Pain.

    My name is Pain and you belong to me!
    You’re all I ever wanted
    I’m all you’ll ever be!

    From the beginning in a world without end. I am the end. I am Pain!

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