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If you run in indie circles, Lumikki might sound familiar to you. Specifically, through people saying that eyeshadows on their Etsy shop looked wonderful, but they made an order that never arrived. I was personally drawn into the world of indie cosmetics when I saw Dragon Scale on Etsy, since it looked like such a unique colour. They had a sale recently, and I had heard rumours that they were back on track. I made an order and got it within a week, which is quite an accomplishment when one is shipping to Canada. However, I have been told that a lot of people made orders around the same time and got nothing, with no response to e-mails to the owner. So while I got mine almost immediately, that certainly wasn’t a universal experience. I didn’t mention I was a blogger, in case you’re wondering- I generally only bring that up when there are blogger packs that I’m eligible for.

The goods!

The goods!

I ordered a bunch of sample jars, and got two baggies and a letter with a few coupon codes on there as well. The jars all contained a generous amount of product, although the amounts seemed a bit inconsistent. I have a feeling that might have been because of settling and things in the mail, but it was still something that hit me when I opened them up.

I should also note that their standalone site is kind of badly designed- for a few colours, depending on how long the description is and how big your screen is, you can’t click on the “order” button for items without accidentally clicking things on the top bar.

Jar sizes. Lumikki's Morticia on the left, Shiro's Moon Prism Power on the right.

Jar sizes. Lumikki’s Morticia on the left, Shiro’s Moon Prism Power on the right.

It’s also important to note that these are three gram jars as opposed to five gram, so they’re a bit smaller than standard jars (and in the first photo, the samples look a lot more generous.) That said, they are pretty decently sized for samples.

Swatches! Pixie Epoxy  on the left, then NYX Milk, then primer.

Swatches! Pixie Epoxy on the left, then NYX Milk, then primer.

Morticia is a really dark black with a bunch of purple glitter. While the glitter doesn’t stand out as much as it could, it’s really pigmented, even over bare skin.

Lust is a metallic rusty red with a bunch of glitter in there. It’s also very pigmented.

Victorian Gold is a metallic gold with greenish tones. It’s kind of dark, but still pretty great.

Concubine has a lot of adjectives in the description. It’s a blue-toned purple with blue-ish glitter.

Ah, Dragon Scale. You’re finally in my hands. One could say that, having attained the one eyeshadow that started my indie journey, my purchasing is finally complete. (If one said that, of course, they would be wrong and I would laugh at them. Ha, ha, ha.) Dragon Scale is a green with a purple and pink duochrome that would not show up in any photos I took but is actually quite stunning, especially over Pixie Epoxy.

I’m not really sure why Dragon Scale II is called Dragon Scale II, when, for all useful purposes, it could have been called Morticia Again and I would be none the wiser. If you look very closely, it’s a little bit greener than Morticia, but they’re still very similar. I liked Morticia, but I had to check back three times when writing this to see which was which.

Countess is a blue-toned purple with a strong pink shift. It isn’t as pigmented as the others, but it’s still quite nice.

More swatches!

More swatches!

Merlin is another metallic gold. It’s less green and a bit lighter than Victorian Gold, and is a lot shinier over Pixie Epoxy.

Space Oddity made me really sad. I really want to love David Bowie eyeshadow. Everything about that is something that appeals to me. But this is just sort of… there. It’s a sheer pink glitterbomb, which is nice, but not really what I was expecting.

Mary Jane is a grayish-green shade. While there’s a lot of different sparkles in there, the gold stands out most.

Duchess is a deep cool violet with pink sparkles in there.

I don’t know how I managed to not order Cruella on my own- not only am I partial to red eyeshadow, I am a pretty big fan of most Disney villains. That said, I am really happy with this sample. It’s a really bright red with a little bit of goldish sparkle, but a mostly matte finish.

Splatter is a matte black. It’s not quite as pigmented as Morticia, but it’s still very nice.

on a human face

Dragon Scale and Victorian Gold on a human face.

Writing this review was quite difficult for me. On one hand, I can’t recommend Lumikki in good conscience, knowing that a lot of people just didn’t get their orders. However, most of the colours I got, I was quite satisfied by. If you do make an order, it’ll be a gamble, and be sure to keep an eye on your Paypal dispute window. Best of luck!


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