Lunatick Cosmetic Labs

Lunatick Cosmetic Labs is one of the few indie companies making palettes. While I am a fan of loose shadows, I’ve got a soft spot for palettes, if only because I’ve recently filled my storage for loose shadow jars and am kind of reconsidering every action I have taken up to this point. So recently, when they had a sale, I had to order one of their palettes. It was actually the perfect storm of factors that led me to the palette- not only was it on sale for 25 dollars instead of the regular 45, but I had just seen a really good review of another palette they sell. This is what overrode my initial distaste for the website. I’m hardly a web designer, and goodness knows I’ve given enough time to webpages with black and striped backgrounds and white or coloured text, but this is a bit much even for junior-high-era “nobody understands how goth I am” Bobbie. Like, look at this. This does not look like a trustworthy, professional company. To make it worse, the site is littered with typos and grammatical errors, and as the child of two editors, that does get under my skin. If any indie owner wants me to look over copy for them, I’m happy to do it for free, since that’s a personal pet peeve of mine and it’s the sort of thing that makes you seem about a million times less legitimate instantly.

Anyway, on to the actual product, I guess.

Little box of colours!

Little box of colours!

The palettes themselves are a hard cardboard- the design itself is pretty neat. I might just think that because I’m partial to black and white stripes, but it’s fairly sturdy if you were interested in carrying it around to events or something.

Inside palette!

Inside palette!

I ordered the Asylum City palette, since big red eyeshadow is sort of my thing. While the shadows are soft, they arrived with bubble wrap and glass pressers over each shadow, and thus were protected from the jostling of the postal service. Each palette comes with six themed shadows and a little drawer with six little neutrals (henceforth referred to as the “ninja neutrals” since I didn’t even realize they would be there until I got my order) tucked away in there, which is a pretty cute touch. It’s a bit of a nuisance to get shadow out of the smaller pans with my largest brush, but that could be remedied with me not just painting the entire area from brow to cheekbone black. Most brushes don’t really have an issue.

Colour swatches! NYX Milk on the left, primer on the right.

Colour swatches! NYX Milk on the left, primer on the right.

I decided to forgo Pixie Epoxy for these, since all the colours were matte anyhow.

You should have seen my face when I swatched Sister Mary. As I recall, I let out a groan of disappointment aloud. It’s a kind of weak white- that’s about as opaque as I could get it, and I packed it on there.

The Yellow Pill was a bit more satisfactory. It’s a light, buttercup yellow, with decent pigmentation.

Chronically Red isn’t too bad either- it’s an orangey red. Again, the pigmentation isn’t bad, although nothing to write home about.

Hydrotherapy is a deep ocean blue. Over primer, it’s pretty impressive.

Ertomania is a blue-toned emerald green. Use this one over Milk, if you can.

Confinement is black. Again, nice, but nothing too special.

Ninja neutrals swatches.

Ninja neutrals swatches. (The black at the top is Confinement.)

These don’t have names of their own, so I’ll just refer to them by numbers.

Ninja Neutral Numbers One and Two are actually really similar. This isn’t just me saying “oh it’s not a bright colour that means it’s all brown” as I have been known to do- look at those swatches. There are two there. They’re not too pigmented, both kind of a Bobbie’s Skin colour with a lot of glitter. This is kind of questionable, since if you’re going to include the same set of neutrals in every palette, you really ought to make sure that you knock them out of the proverbial park. (I assume each palette has the same ninja neutrals, since they all have the same photo of the drawer in their listing.)

Ninja Neutral Number Three is not what I’d consider a conventional neutral shade, which means I loved it. It’s sort of a rosy copper colour.

Ninja Neutral Number Four is a bit warm for my skintone- it’s a tawny brown the colour of a lot of bronzers.

I sort of liked Ninja Neutral Number Five. It’s a cool-toned gray, which I can appreciate the importance of.

Ninja Neutral Number Six is a cool, chocolatey brown.

Hydrotherapy and Confinement on a face. (Along with my new Melt Cosmetics lippy in DGAF. SO GOOD. AAH.)

Hydrotherapy and Confinement on a face. (Along with my new Melt Cosmetics lippy in DGAF. SO GOOD. AAH.)

So, what do I think? Well, first off, I think, as a whole, twenty-five dollars was an okay price for this palette. Most of the shadows were of acceptable quality, and the packaging was fairly cute. However, I would not pay 45 dollars for this. If I’m paying fifty-plus with shipping included for a palette, I want each shadow to be phenomenal, or at least effectual. I thought the Ninja Neutrals were a cute idea, but they highly cut down on the value of any more palettes you might order, since you’ve already got half the colours included. You can order samples of each pressed shadow in powder form and order your own palette, but I’m still not sold on whether or not it would be worth it. That said, adorably gothy packaging is a selling point for me, so if that’s what you’re about, they might be worth checking out. (Plus they do have blue lipstick.)


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