Rainbow Honey Cosmetic Labs

Alright, this is kind of a new thing- I generally don’t do anything with my nails, since I’m always knitting or weaving and things get chipped way too easily. I have been trying to do things more often recently, though, so I ordered away for a mystery bag. Rainbow Honey is a company based in New Jersey that mainly sells nail polish. I got referred from a blog that made the mystery bag just five dollars, which I could deal with.

Little mystery package!

Little mystery package!

The package arrived mysteriously promptly- I ordered it on the 11th, and it arrived today, so it just took an actual week to get to Canada. What is this magic? It was all wrapped up in white tissue paper, with a cute sticker on.

Package contents!

Package contents!

In my package, there was a foil sample of their Nail Honey hand cream, a tiny rollerball of their new Lavandula perfume, two mini polishes, and a cuticle oil.

The hand cream wasn’t too wonderful. I found it a bit greasy, which is a problem for me because I work with fabric. It smelled like honey mixed with cake batter, which was nice, but the formula isn’t the best for me.

Lavandula surprised me- I was expecting it to smell like lavender because, you know, the name is Lavandula and in its description on the website “lavender” is the first note. This smells like orange, almost overwhelmingly so. It’s like actual oranges instead of orange Pledge, but it’s still orange. I suppose Orangula sounds like a cross between an orangutan and a tarantula, though.

I have a hard time talking about the cuticle oil, since I’ve never used one. It smells like almond, which is nice, and I think it’s kind of moisturizing? If you like almond smelling things and cuticle oil, you’ll like this.

All My Stars polish

All My Stars polish. Two coats over bare nails.

This is a lot of glitter going on. It’s a clear polish with little red, purple, yellow, and silver stars going on, with a lot of little holo glitters. It might benefit from being used over something, but in the bottle it looked kind of purply and it was described as a polish, so I forged on ahead. Personally, it’s not my sort of thing- it reminds me of a polish I got at Claire’s when I was ten, and takes a bit too much care in application for my attention span. Still, if it is your sort of thing, good on you! Unfortunately, you can’t get it in the store, since it was just for the bag.

The Soiree- two coats over generic lilac polish.

The Soiree- two coats over generic lilac polish.

The Soiree is more my speed since, as you may have guessed, I like blue. It’s another glittery one, with large blue glitters and teeny tiny gold, green, and blue glitters in there. I found a few stars in there, but not very many, so I don’t know if that was a mistake. Still, this is a polish I like. It applies easily even if you’re not really paying attention.

Overall, I’d say that I was pretty happy with the value of the Rainbow Honey mystery bag. Five bucks is a reasonable price for one polish I’ll like, and there’s a chance I’ll use Lavandula, the cuticle oil, and even All My Stars. If you’re more into nail stuff, then it’s a neat little sampler. My main criticism is that I’m not sure I would have included two glitters, but that’s just me.


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