My Beauty Addiction

No, this isn’t a post about my compulsion to keep buying blue lipsticks. My Beauty Addiction started as an Etsy store, then moved to a standalone site. (Generally, sales and things apply to both, so it’s all about whether you like Etsy or not.) They sell a wide variety of products, including blush, foundation, primers, skincare, eyeshadows, and lipsticks.

This one’s going to be a bit pic-heavy, so prepare your processors.

Everything I got!

Everything I got!

I got a whole whackload of eyeshadow samples in clamshells, three full-size shadows, three full-size lippies, and three mini-lipsticks in tiny little balm tubes.

Eyeshadow swatches- Black Magic to Afterparty.

Eyeshadow swatches- Black Magic to Afterparty. Pixie Epoxy on the left, then NYX Milk, then primer.

Black Magic I got in a full-size, because I don’t have enough glittery black eyeshadow. This is a pigmented black with a bunch of purple and blue glitter in there. It’s one of the Twinkle FX shadows- I’m not sure what separates them from other shadows except that they’re really sparkly.

Antique is a blackened metallic silver. I’m not sure as to why I got it in a full-size, but it’s nice and pigmented.

Rubies And Diamonds was my third full-size, because I can’t order anything without a red eyeshadow. It’s very, very sparkly- I’m not sure why this one is not the Twinkle FX one.

Delirious is a bright turquoise blue with a slight gold shimmer in certain lights. This makes me really happy for some reason.

Show Stopper is a really bright cool pink with purple sparkles. It’s a really exciting colour.

I’d say Smoke And Mirrors might be my favourite shadow in this order. It’s a cool, taupey brown with a violet glow to it. Even over primer it’s got that neat duochromey effect.

Show Stopper to Oblivian!

Delirious to Oblivian!

Ballroom Blitz is like 90% glitter. It sort of gives a disco ball effect anywhere it’s applied.

Afterparty is a slightly shimmery bright purple. It isn’t as pigmented as some of the others.

Toxic is a neon yellow-green with some slight shimmer. I don’t know when I’ll use it, but I’m kind of in love with it, just because it’s so wickedly bright. You could say that it’s Toxic and I’m slippin’ under. (Sorry.)

Agent Orange is the only real disappointment I’ve had. The swatch is really bright, but in reality, it’s just sort of a mailing-envelope yellow-orange. Like, if you like that colour, cool, but this is just sort of there.

Dark Fantasy is another glittery black from the Twinkle FX line. It’s a lot more silvery than Black Magic.

Oblivian is not actually a word. I’m sorry, but it isn’t. The shadow itself is a nice blackened green, but I can’t see myself buying a full-size just because I am that nerdy about spelling.

Overall, the eyeshadows are pretty good quality. Most apply and blend pretty well, and if you’re into glitter, I’ve got good news for you- these are all glittery as heck. They do have 26 matte shadows, but there’s something like 300 shadows altogether, so there is a big focus on the glitter.



There are two kinds of lipsticks in the shop- HD Lip Paints and Colour Rich Lipsticks. The Lip Paints are dye-based instead of mica-based, but I didn’t really notice that much of a difference.They’re all available in slimline tubes or regular lipstick tubes.

Breathless Lip Paint on a face.

Breathless Lip Paint on a face.

Breathless is a black with blue shimmer. The lip gloss version of this was my first blue lippy, but I like this much more.

Indigo lip paint on a face.

Indigo lip paint on a face.

Indigo is royal blue with purple undertones. It goes on very smoothly, with a creamy finish.

Medusa lip paint on a face.

Medusa lip paint on a face.

Medusa is a metallic emerald green. It was probably the least opaque of the lip products I got, but I could easily build it up.

Ozone on my face.

Ozone lip paint on my face.

Ozone is BRIGHT. It’s the sort of blue that highlighters are, with a semi-matte finish.

Truth Or Dare on a face.

Truth Or Dare lip paint on a face.

Truth Or Dare is one I picked out because you can’t have blue lips all the time, I guess. It’s a true red with a creamy semi matte finish.

Voodoo Colour Rich lipstick on my face.

Voodoo Colour Rich lipstick on my face.

I kind of love Voodoo. It’s an almost-black purple, and it lasts for a good while. I ate a plate of curry and it was only a bit faded in the middle. It was a bit drying, though, so invest in a good balm if you’re going to be wearing this for a long time. And, as I discovered, it does not last through more than the mildest of kisses.

Overall, I was pretty happy with my purchase. I was pleasantly surprised by the lip products, and the eyeshadows were thoroughly fun. I’d definitely order again the next time they have a sale.


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