Saucebox Cosmetics Forbidden Fruits Palette

As some (all) of you may be aware by now, I am a sucker for indie palettes. Even now that I know how to use loose shadows, I just think palettes look so neat. So when Saucebox Cosmetics had a sale on a while back, I couldn’t help myself.

Cute little palette!

Cute little palette!

I ordered the Forbidden Fruit palette since it was the one with the red in and you know how I get. All the palettes have this lady on the front and on the inside, in different colour schemes to vaguely match the colours of the eyeshadows. It’s not too big to slip into my purse, but that might be more of a comment on my massive purse than the size of the palette.

Open 'er up!

Open ‘er up!

Inside, there is a large mirror, which is sufficient to do your whole face in if you’re pressed for reflective surfaces. The shadow pans are the same size as with Sugarpill shadows, and they do come out easily. If I wanted, I could probably fill this with Sugarpill, but that’s really not something I need since most of my Sugarpill is already in palettes, and I’ve never seen any other shadows of that size. Still, it’s a nice option to have, even if I personally don’t need it.

It feels weird to post swatches without labelling them. Top is over Pixie Epoxy, middle is Milk, bottom is primer.

It feels weird to post swatches without labelling them. Top is over Pixie Epoxy, middle is Milk, bottom is primer.

None of these eyeshadows have names, which is kind of a nuisance if you’re reviewing it but isn’t really a problem for most people.

On the far left we have the bottom right shadow, which is a tickle me pink with a satin finish. Like most of the shadows in this palette, Pixie Epoxy didn’t do that much, but I kind of expected that.

Next we have Bottom Middle, which is a dark matte purple. It looks almost black in the swatch, but unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how dark you like your eyes) it tends to blend away quite easily when on an actual face.

Bottom Left is a dark maroon with a bit of gold shimmer. I really like this- it’s almost brown, but a very rich colour that reminds me of velvet.

Top Right is a cool-toned hot pink with a satin finish. It’s brighter and pinker than Bottom Right, but is vaguely similar.

Top Middle is RED. I love it. It’s got a bunch of gold glitter in, and blends well with a lot of other colours.

Top Right is a pearly baby pink. While it’s not quite light enough for me to use as a highlight, it’s probably good enough for a lot of people out there.

Forbidden Fruit on my face.

Forbidden Fruit on my face.

So, this palette. I think I like it? I do think that Bottom Right and Top Right are a bit similar for my tastes, and that Bottom Middle could have been a bit darker. That said, these are minor quibbles based on my tastes. The shadows are great quality, and blend really well together. I would say this palette is definitely worth the 40 dollars, especially if you’re into pinks and purples.


10 thoughts on “Saucebox Cosmetics Forbidden Fruits Palette

    • Haha, that’s good! I hadn’t heard of them either, until someone posted a coupon code and I was all “good enough for me!” They have another super bright palette that I would consider if I got another code.

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