Dreamworld Hermetica- The Muses and Valentine’s

Alright, so this time, I made an order on my own from Dreamworld, just because the “send Bobbie lots of free stuff all the time for no real reason” business model might not be the most practical. (Disregard the last sentence if you are feeling the urge to send me free stuff.) Plus I got kind of excited about a Muse-themed collection and wanted more of the semi-loose shadows.

The items!

The items!

I ordered a mini size of the whole Muse collection and picked a few from the Valentine’s collection that I wanted as well. I got a free blush because I ordered the whole collection (I chose Kiss Of Midnight) and some free samples from the Firefly collection because reasons.

Muses! Pixie Epoxy on top, NYX Milk in the middle, primer on the bottom.

Muses! Pixie Epoxy on top, NYX Milk in the middle, primer on the bottom.

The Muse collection is only available in loose shadow form. This is probably not a problem for most of you indie-lovers since, you know, 99% of indie stuff isn’t available in semi-loose form. As with all of Dreamworld’s stuff, the whole collection is on one product page.

Erato is a light, shimmery bronze. It really catches the light quite well.

Thalia is a slightly darker tawny brown. The shimmer is a darkish silver, which is kind of cool.

Terpsichore is the start of my main issue with this collection- namely, that the swatches on the site don’t do it justice. On the website, it looks like a very light baby pink, while in real life, it’s a darker, almost red pink with some brown tones. I am cool with that, since I don’t use pastels and the colors are fairly accurate when they’re viewed in direct, bright light, but it is something to keep in mind.

Urania is another one I would not have bought based on the site swatch if I was picking out colours on their own instead of buying the whole collection. It looks like a matte cornflower blue, but in real life it’s a stunning navy blue with strong royal blue shimmer.

Calliope has a fairly accurate site swatch in bright light. It’s a teal  with a bunch of almost aqua shimmer.

Muses part 2. Same primers.

Muses part 2. Same primers.

Polyhymnia is a chrome-esque silver. It isn’t that pigmented over regular primers, but it’s great foiled.

Clio is possibly my favourite here, and one I might have passed up. It’s a grayish blue with light blue shine in there.

Euterpe is an orangey brown with silver shimmer.

Melpomene is a forest green  with a bunch of green shimmer and little gold sparks. It’s a lot less mint-green than it looks on the site, and is a super nice colour.

The muses on my face.

The muses on my face.

Overall, I do like this collection more than I expected to. I just want to do swatches for the website since a good few colours are really off.

Valentine's! Same primers.

Valentine’s! Same primers.

The Valentine’s collection is available in loose or semi-loose form. I chose semi-loose because Dreamworld’s semi-loose formula is actually what I want to bathe myself in. I only ordered a few colors that I thought I would use more than the others. They apply really nicely over primer or Milk, but over Pixie Epoxy, get a weird, clumpy texture. This isn’t really a problem on my end, since Pixie Epoxy is a bit too much of a hassle to drag out every day, but if you are really dedicated to using Pixie Epoxy Evey day, this might be an issue.

First Love is a silver with slight mauve undertones.

For The Love Of Eros is an olive green with gold shimmer.

Cupid’s Arrow has a brown base with a strong silver shimmer. It is kind of similar to First Love, but that might say more about my eyeshadow-choosing skills than it does the color selection.

Chocolate Luv is spelled Chocolate Love on the label, which I appreciate, since even in my mushiest moods, I am not one for cutesy misspellings. It is a chocolatey brown with a bright gold shimmer.

Night of Passion is a cool-tooned pink with an almost frosty finish.


The free stuff. Primers are the same except for Kiss Of Midnight, which is swatches over bare skin.

The free stuff. Primers are the same except for Kiss Of Midnight, which is swatches over bare skin.

I ordered the Kiss Of Midnight blush from the Bookworm collection because even though I got sent a lot of responsible “Bobbie your skin is actually the color of paper you do not need that much pigmentation” purple blushes, I am a renegade and you can’t tell me what to do. I then swatched is and thought “wait, is this an eye shadow?” Unblended, this is PURPLE. Like, super purple. Crayola purple, if a purple Crayola had a touch of blue shimmer. Luckily for me, it easily blends out to a purply glow. However, if you are pasty like me, it does require a really light hand. (The upside of this, of course, is that if you have darker skin and really want a purple blush, this might be for you.) On my face, it looks a lot less like faded bruises.

The free eyeshadow samples I got were from the You Cannot Take The Sky From Me collection. I have still never watched Firefly (I know) so I can’t comment on how well the samples match the show. While I am sad I didn’t get Captain Tightpants to occupy a space in my collection next to Shiro’s Butts (don’t know if I like Firefly, but I know what I do like) I will survive somehow.

Fear is a slate blue with a bit of lighter blue shimmer, but a mostly matte finish.

Flight School is a light orange. It doesn’t play nice with my skintone, but that is my skin’s fault, not the eyeshadow.

The Alliance is a sky blue with a bunch of slightly darker glitter in there. I thought it was a great colour.

Valentines shadows on my face.

Valentines shadows on my face.

All in all, I’m happy with this stuff. The semi-loose shadows are still lovely, and I was pleasantly surprised with a lot of the Muses. While there were some colour accuracy issues, overall, the site was fairly spot-on, and it probably isn’t a surprise that I want to make another order.


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