Notoriously Morbid- Lost In The Lodge and some other stuff

I think I have to sit in the Bad Blogger time-out chair. I’m two whole collections behind in my Notoriously Morbid reviews. (No worries, I have half of the Slay Me collection ordered, along with the upcoming gel liners that I didn’t know would sell out so fast, so I can safely move to the Slightly Less Negligent Blogger futon.) Someday I will be a super famous blogger and get sent makeup before it comes out, but until then, I’m sure we’ll all deal.

Every little thing I got!

Every little thing I got!

I ordered a bunch of minis and samples of colours from Lost In The Lodge that didn’t seem like they would be my bag. It was Free Day Friday, so I got a free full-size of Douglas Firs, plus two other free samples and a little chocolate Easter bunny. (Notoriously Morbid, I made that order in February. That is too early for Easter chocolate.) This is my first time realizing that mini shadows don’t have the collection art on them, but really, the minis are generous enough that I can’t justify buying a full-size.

I feel like I haven’t mentioned how great Notoriously Morbid’s customer service is. I had my Black Friday 30% off code, but it wasn’t working, so I shot them a Facebook message. Within an hour, they had responded and my money was in their hands.

Douglas Firs over UDPP, NYX Milk, GOSH primer, and Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Blended at bottom.

Douglas Firs over UDPP, NYX Milk, GOSH primer, and Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Blended at bottom.

Douglas Firs is a “pressure-sensitive” shadow- it changes colours as it blends. I’m not sure how this works, to be honest. The guy’s a sciencey type, but I try to hold back on exploiting him for science purposes too much, and this week he’s already helped me figure out if microwaving alcohol will blow up my house, so I should probably not bug him with makeup questions. That said, this works. It shows up as a matte emerald green, and blends out to a deeper blue. The part of me that is eight finds this really, really cool. Unfortunately, there are some practical issues with this really, really cool stuff. First off, the obvious- it’s kind of hard to blend only one part of your eye makeup, and blending is kind of important when you’re doing eyeshadow. So if you’re really married to the green you get without blending, you have to be careful. As well, if you have a bit of fallout, don’t try to wipe it away with your finger like a dirtbag.

Everybody's got a dark side. Do you love me? Can you love mine?

Everybody’s got a dark side. Do you love me? Can you love mine?

Here is my face after trying that. While I like blue blush on me, it isn’t really a work-friendly look and I had to get up to find a makeup wipe. My life is hard. I sort of figured it out, I think, but there is a slight learning curve.

Other swatches! Pixie Epoxy on top, then NYX Milk, then primer.

Other swatches! Pixie Epoxy on top, then NYX Milk, then primer.

Hallowed Ground is one of the free samples I got. I found this kind of odd, since I believe the last time they had it on sale was December. I’ve accepted a grudging fondness for this browny mustard yellow, but I think this might be one of the samples I’m going to try pressing.

Morgana is an eyeshadow I keep loving in people’s swatch posts but never remembering to order when I’m actually getting things. Thanks for knowing what’s good for me, Notoriously Morbid! It’s a bright royal blue with a few purple tones and a lot of sparkle.

Garmonbozia is another one from Lost In The Lodge. I’ve never seen Twin Peaks (I know) so I can’t talk about whether this matches the real thing. It is a nice creamy yellow, though. Over Pixie Epoxy, the browny undertones come out a lot more, which is kind of neat.

My Log Saw Something That Night is a ridiculously long name that is tricky to label a swatch with. It’s a sparkly bronze with orange undertones.

Sometimes My Arms Bend Back is a sort of rose gold with a slight blue duochrome. I really like everything about what is happening with this eyeshadow.

I got Andorian but now it’s not available, so I guess it’s hard to be you guys. It’s a foresty green with blue shimmer- I think it looked bluer in the photo, but I couldn’t be sure.

The rest of the swatches!

The rest of the swatches!

More Weight is a chocolatey brown with a strong silver shimmer. I’m kind of loving this one.

Snow’s Fury is beautiful- it’s a bright blue with a bunch of sparkle in. The photo on the site makes it look a lot blacker than it is, though.

I Am Afflicted is a brownish red with a sort of rusty shimmer.

I think She’s Full Of Secrets is one of my favourites. It’s a light baby pink with a really strong blue duochrome. I’m not quite sure I know how to use it properly, but it’s lovely.

Silence is a deep, gunmetal gray with a blue duochrome. I forgot to get pictures, but it goes really well with She’s Full Of Secrets.

25 Years is a cool taupe with a slight rosy sheen. Notoriously Morbid, please stop making me love taupes. I’m kind of questioning my identity here.

Speak To The Devil is a mustardy olive colour, and while I don’t like mustard or olives, I think this is really neat.

Douglas Firs and More Weight on my face.

Douglas Firs and More Weight on my face.

Quelle surprise, I liked most of the things I got from a Notoriously Morbid order. I don’t know how I feel about Douglas Firs, but I’m going to try working with it, since it is a really cool concept and I like most of the colours in its range.


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