Notoriously Morbid Gel Liners

I GOT THE NOTORIOUSLY MORBID GEL LINERS YOU GUYS. Really, this post could end off there, since I’m still excited. For reference, they sold out in less than a day after release. If I had waited until I had come back from work to order them, I wouldn’t have them. But I do and I’m very happy with myself.

I got things!

I got things!

I also picked up Wave 1 of the Slay Me collection in mini size while I was at it, and got another Coffin Kisser and two eyeshadow samples (neither of which I already had. Good on you.) The coffin kisser tastes like lemonade, which is pleasing to me.

Slay Me swatches over Milk and primer.

Slay Me swatches over Milk and primer.

I didn’t bother with Pixie Epoxy for these, since they’re all matte.

Boca Del Infierno is the reason I went with Wave 1, since red eyeshadow. It’s a deep, dark red that satisfies me on some level.

Comic Relief is a slightly yellow-toned macaroni-and-cheese orange. It’s the sort of colour I should probably use more often since I have blue eyes, but I hardly ever do.

Gypsy Curse is a browny taupe. Again, not my usual jam, but useful.

I’m not sure what She Names The Stars is from, but it’s a nice navy blue with a bit of sparkle.

Nighttime In Emerald City is the most sparkly shade I got. It’s a light olive green with a slightly blue sheen.

Quiet Storm is quite like their Pale Rider shade from the limited edition Sealed Judgement set, although it’s a lot pinkier.

Hesitant Heroine is a true royal blue. It’s really pigmented, even without a primer, so that’s exciting.

Teacher In Tweed is a dark olive that pairs nicely with Gypsy Curse.



The gel eyeliners come in the same jars that the eyeshadow comes in. They have nice shiny tops, with the sparkly shades having swirly patterns on them. I’m not sure what this does for the functionality, but it’s nice.

Freshly done swatches.

Freshly done swatches.

Atropos is a matte black. While it’s not really the most exciting colour, I am a fan of matte black eyeliner.

Clotho is a blackened base with blue-green sparkle. I’d say this is the most unique of the three, and quite possibly my favourite. It’s interesting while still being wearable.

Lachesis is a purply taupe with a bit of a sheen to it. It’s slightly less opaque than the other two, and isn’t as much to my tastes, but it’s still quite smooth in application.

Lachesis on my face.

Lachesis on my face.

Overall, the eyeliners are pretty nice. I’m still figuring out how to properly employ Lachesis, but that is entirely because I can’t work without heavy black eyeliner.

Clotho on my face.

Clotho on my face.

I really like Clotho for a subtle pop of colour. While I sometimes put on a shiny blue liner over black for a similar effect, I appreciate it being all in one pot since I’m pretty lazy.

Atropos on a rather bedraggled face.

Atropos on a rather bedraggled face.

As a bonus, I left Atropos on long after my eyeshadow primer gave up the ghost. This stuff will stay at least all day, possibly more if you don’t wash it off. Honestly, I’m pretty satisfied. These liners are at least on par with a lot that I’ve tried. I’d say they’re definitely worth the pre-order, especially given that they’re relatively affordable.


4 thoughts on “Notoriously Morbid Gel Liners

  1. Simone says:

    She names the stars is a Drusilla reference. I was hoping it would be purple. I pass on all blue eyeshadows. Which is totally strange because I will wear blue lipstick and blue mascara.

    • It’s still a nice blue. Although it does look a lot less purple than it should, and pretty similar to Hesitant Heroine. (This would explain why it wasn’t under blue on the site.)

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