Pure Fusion Cosmetics

Every once in a while, I try to order something from a company I’ve never heard of. (It helps if they are also in Canada and have wicked cheap shipping.) Thus, I ended up ordering from Pure Fusion Cosmetics. They’ve got a lot going for them, including about 200 colours of eyeshadow, but I did manage to pick out a few things I wanted.

Package contents!

Package contents!

I got one of their premade “get the look” sets, two extra eyeshadows because I’m a rebel, and a sample of their primer. They sent me a free sample of another eyeshadow, a business card, a little guide to the primer, and a discount code. (You had to scratch off a little heart to see what your discount was- I’m not sure what the purpose of that was, but it was cute.)

Open 'em up!

Open ’em up!

The free sample and the primer came in tall clamshells. I have no idea how much the sample had inside- the sticker said 1 gram, but I think it was just the same sticker that they would have used for the full size. Speaking of stickers, the eyeshadows were really difficult to access. They came with a clear sticker over the sifter without any tabs or anything, so I really had to dig my nails in to open it.

Swatches over their primer.

Swatches over their primer.

The collection I got was the Get Rocked collection because it had a black and a pink, and that’s kind of my thing.

The Matte Black isn’t available separately anywhere in the store, which is sad because it’s not a bad matte black. I wish it had a cooler name than Matte Black, but thus is life.

Hollywood is a sparkly bright pink. It’s less orangey than it looks from the separate listing, but it’s fairly spot-on to the look card that came with the collection.

I was really disappointed by Lace. You know how I often swatch light shades and then I’m all “this is a lot more pigmented than it looks, it’s just the same colour as my skin”? This is not the case. There was no pigmentation to this shade at all. It just provided a slight sparkle.

Antigone is a metallic royal blue. You really do need a primer to get the most out of this colour, but it’s quite pretty.

Emerald was a surprise. In the site photo, it looks like a relatively simple emerald green with glitter. What I got had a lot of gold glitter in and was a lighter colour. I like this more, but it’s a pretty big variation.

Green Apple was a light shimmery seafoam. It wasn’t that pigmented at all, although not as bad as Lace.

Antigone, Emerald, and Green Apple over their primer.

Antigone, Emerald, and Green Apple over their primer.

As for the primer, it was pretty disappointing. It started creasing before I left the house, which says something about its staying power or my laziness. As well, even though it claims to disappear instantly, I could still see it on my skin after a few minutes. It was a bit lighter than I am, so if you have dark skin, this is probably not the primer for you.

Hey now. I'm a rock star. Get your game on. Go. Play.

Hey now. I’m a rock star. Get your game on. Go. Play.

Even over my normal primer, I found out that the matte black eyeshadow refuses to blend. This is kind of a weakness in a black eyeshadow. Overall, I don’t think I’d recommend Pure Fusion- while I got a few good shadows, I got enough duds that I’d feel uneasy ordering again.


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