Alog Cosmetics

Alog Cosmetics is a very new lipstick company- I actually made their first order, being a big old hipster. A lot of this review will be entirely irrelevant. I was getting ready to write it up, and making a list of things to point out about the company. I then went to check out the store to find that most to all of the issues have changed.

The first irrelevant issue with Alog Cosmetics were the shipping rates. When I made my order, the cost of one full-sized lipstick plus shipping would have been thirty dollars. Granted, I can understand  that- the lipsticks are coming from Iceland, so shipping would be high. That is a bit rich for my blood, though. However, now shipping to Canada is an incredibly reasonable 4.92, so that’s good. (I may have ordered lipstick in one of the new colours just now, because it was the last one of Mystic, a black with purple glitter and I make bad life decisions.)

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Alchimia Apothecary; An Addendum

If you read relatively regularly and obsessively mentally catalog every detail of my posts instead of just looking at the pretty swatches, you’ll remember that I mentioned that in my last order from Alchimia Apothecary, she forgot a lipstick sample in my package. When I let her know, she was overly apologetic, but I let her know that it was cool if she just sent it with my next package, since spending the ridiculous amount to send a lipstick sample is foolish.

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Victorian Disco, Part 1

Alright, this review is a long time coming. I actually ordered from Victorian Disco last fall, during the Black Friday and birthday sales. That was when she was having her issues with the post office, so I didn’t end up getting the package until January. As far as I can tell, there are at least two packages of VD floating around the universe with my name on them. Since then, she’s made Victorian Disco her full-time job and found a better post office, so I’ve heard you’ll get your order a bit sooner. There is still a long turn-around time, though, so if you need makeup for next week, this might not be the company for you.

“But wait,” you are probably saying to yourself, “you got the order in January, and now it is quite firmly not January. What have you been doing for the last four months?” Well…

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My Shiro Sale Order

Alright, so everyone was buzzing about the recent Shiro sale, since Shiro never has sales, like, ever. I decided that now would be the time to try out the custom gloss, since supposedly the Shiro gloss formula would change the most anti-gloss person’s mind about lip gloss. While I’m not fully opposed to lip gloss, I can always use a good change of mind. (Plus I got some more stuff because of course I did.)

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Alchimia Apothecary

As those of you who stalk my reddit account may know, I’ve recently been enamoured with a custom perfume from Alchimia Apothecary. It smells exactly like Earl Grey tea, which is an important thing in my life. I didn’t review it because I seriously have no idea what I am talking about with perfumes. So when she launched her new site and she had makeup and a blogger pack, I had to hop on that action.

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Shiro- Get It While It’s Available Edition

So, as some of you may be aware, I’m a big ol’ slacker. I’ve been skipping out on writing the blog because I’ve been working, spending time with friends, and generally being a shiftless layabout. That said, I’m working on being less shiftless (and more shifty, I guess) so I’m powering through the stash of orders I’ve got waiting. Today, in honour of the Shiro packet from the sale that is winging its way to me as we speak, I’m looking at my last Shiro order.

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