My Shiro Sale Order

Alright, so everyone was buzzing about the recent Shiro sale, since Shiro never has sales, like, ever. I decided that now would be the time to try out the custom gloss, since supposedly the Shiro gloss formula would change the most anti-gloss person’s mind about lip gloss. While I’m not fully opposed to lip gloss, I can always use a good change of mind. (Plus I got some more stuff because of course I did.)



The raspberry cream candy thing that she sent was delicious. I am sad that it’s not in stores here. If someone sends me some Lancaster Raspberry Vanilla Cremes, I will be your best friend and make you a friendship bracelet.

Package of things!

Package of things!

I ordered an opaque gloss in I’ll Move That For You, plus a few minis and COTMs. For free, I got a full-sized The Fourth Be With You and samples of Cake! and Detrivore’s Plague. (Next time I’m making an order, someone remind me she has some Detrivore stuff, I keep forgetting.)

Swatches! Pixie Epoxy on top, NYX Milk in the middle, primer on the bottom.

Swatches! Pixie Epoxy on top, NYX Milk in the middle, primer on the bottom.

Plague is a dark brownish-green with a strong emerald shimmer. It was certainly up to par with all the other Detrivore shadows I have.

Why did nobody tell me about Cake!? Or, more specifically, why did I ignore everyone talking about how great Cake! was? It’s kind of an ivory shade, with a reddish sheen in pretty much any light.

I ordered a mini of Equivalent Exchange because let’s be honest, I’ve only ever used up one eyeshadow, and while the art is nice, it’s not 2.50 extra for a sticker nice. It’s a cool purple with a blue-toned sheen to it.

I’d say the hardest part of this post is spelling Kaepora Gaebora correctly. I’m sorry, Zelda was never really my jam. The shadow itself is a tawny brown with a strong silver duochrome.

You Know Nothing is kind of amazing in a weird way. It’s a white with a blue sort of duochrome-ish shimmer. I’m not certain on how to use it, but love will find a way.

The Fourth Be With You is one of the two colours of the month. It’s a bright lime green with a bunch of shimmer in.

The other colour of the month is Plausible Walrus. I don’t know if I associate bright pink with a bluish sheen with Jamie Hyneman (it isn’t exploding, is all I’m saying) but it’s a nice colour.

Custom gloss in I'll Move That For You.

Custom gloss in I’ll Move That For You. Cake!, Kaepora Gaebora, and Equivalent Exchange on the eyes.

So, custom gloss. I ordered an opaque one in I’ll Move That For You. Colour-wise, it delivers. It turned out a lot more blackish than I had anticipated, but I’m hardly one to turn away from black lips, and the purple sheen was readily apparent. I did like the texture- I found it to dry relatively easily, to end up being almost a liquid lipstick. It also stayed on surprisingly well through tea and ice cream cake (because I eat like an adult.) There was one minor problem, though.

Myself and the official lipstick-testing assistant.

Myself and the official lipstick-testing assistant. All together now, awwwww.

This gets all over. Like, all over. See that mark on my nose? That is from the lipstick-tester kissing me, then kissing my nose. And this was from some relatively chaste smooching. While the colour looks lovely blotted on him, I’m not sure it’s what he wanted from this. That said, the colour came off really easily, so there’s that.

I might still consider another Shiro custom gloss. I wouldn’t say it changed my mind on lip gloss or anything, but it worked fairly well for a gloss (and really, if your main worry while smooching is whether your lips are still in place, you probably ought to reassess your smooching.)

Also, relevant to people who like reading my stuff, I made a Facebook page. So, you know, you can like me and get exclusive selfies or whatever.


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