Victorian Disco, Part 1

Alright, this review is a long time coming. I actually ordered from Victorian Disco last fall, during the Black Friday and birthday sales. That was when she was having her issues with the post office, so I didn’t end up getting the package until January. As far as I can tell, there are at least two packages of VD floating around the universe with my name on them. Since then, she’s made Victorian Disco her full-time job and found a better post office, so I’ve heard you’ll get your order a bit sooner. There is still a long turn-around time, though, so if you need makeup for next week, this might not be the company for you.

“But wait,” you are probably saying to yourself, “you got the order in January, and now it is quite firmly not January. What have you been doing for the last four months?” Well…



… I have been looking at this massive pile of jars, getting intimidated, and going off to do something less daunting, like cataloging all the makeup I own on a spreadsheet. (Word to the wise- this is also kind of hard.) Where I made two different orders because I forgot the first one, I have a bunch of doubles, and for some reason three jars of Sailor Moon. Still, there is a lot of colours, and my arms are not nearly as long as they ought to be. So I’m splitting this up into a few different posts, because I can and no-one can stop me.

She is the one- Sailor Moon!

She is the one- Sailor Moon!

Today, I’ll be going through the Sailor Moon shadows that I got. I’ve been a Sailor Moon fan since early childhood, and also enjoy putting glitter on my face, so I ended up with a good amount from this line. (Also, can we talk about how great the new Sailor Moon is probably going to be? Plus the dub of the old series with all the original plot elements in… I can’t wait. So excited.) Anyway, I didn’t end up with the whole collection- I didn’t get Tuxedo Mask (this was a conscious choice, since he was a jerk in the dub) Sailor Pluto, Mistress 9, or Chibiusa. I think I got a pretty good selection, though.

First arm of swatches. Pixie Epoxy on the top, NYX Milk in the middle, primer on the bottom.

First arm of swatches. Pixie Epoxy on the top, NYX Milk in the middle, primer on the bottom.

Queen Beryl is a pinky-red with subtle blue shimmer. One of the things I noticed about all these shadows is that you really need some sort of base for them- even over regular primer, they shine well, but bare skin doesn’t hold them at all. This isn’t an issue for me, since my eyes exude oil at a rate that ensures I could keep a primer company in business, but it is something to note if you’re one of those lucky jerks that doesn’t need primer anyway.

Sailor Galaxia is a remarkable metallic yellow-gold. Will I ever get tired of powder that makes my face look like it is gold? Probably not.

Luna is a charcoal base with red and gold sparkles. While it’s not as black as I would have it, I will accept that I am just a big fan of black and that it isn’t the eyeshadow’s fault.

Artemis is a slightly sheer silver. The page states that it was reformulated to have a bit more of a gold sheen, but I’m not sure when that was. There is a bit of gold in it, but it’s fairly subtle.

Sailor Neptune is a really bright turquoise with golden shimmer. It’s the first of a load of blues in this collection.

Sailor Uranus is a cool royal blue with a bit of gold sparkle. It goes really well with Sailor Neptune, which is fitting.

Second swatch photo.

Second swatch photo.

Sailor Saturn is a blue-toned purple with a reddish duochrome. It looks very similar to Sailor Uranus in the jar, but they’re not quite similar enough that I feel bad for owning two of them.

Sailor Jupiter is a bright green with golden sparks in it. I’m kind of a fan of how so many of these colours have gold in them to tie them together.

My favourite sailor scout was always Sailor Mars, and I’m pleased that I love her eyeshadow as much as I love her. It comes off as a deep chocolate base with a strong red shift. It’s, like, the exact same colour as her hair, which is important to me.

Sailor Moon is nice, and I’m not just saying that because I have two jars I want to unload. It’s a cream colour with a light gold shift that is pretty close to my skin tone.

For me, Sailor Venus is the least exciting colour. It’s a sort of tan-ish orange with gold sparkle. It’s not quite intense enough on the orange spectrum to thrill me, but it’s nice.

Unfortunately, you can’t get Sailor Mercury any more. That’s what I get for doing reviews six months late. It’s a bright metallic teal, and is a lot of fun.

Sailor Galaxia, Sailor Moon, Sailor Saturn, and Luna on my eye.

Sailor Galaxia, Sailor Moon, Sailor Saturn, and Luna on my eye.

Overall, this was a pretty good start. Just from these shadows, I’d probably order again, especially since I can usually wait a long time for a package to arrive. That said, if you are less trusting and forgiving than I, this might not be the company for you. I can’t say for sure whether or not their shipping woes are over, but from what I’ve heard, they are turning it around.

Also, quick note- I’ve started up a Facebook page, so if you like me, go ahead and like me. (I’m cool.)


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