Alchimia Apothecary; An Addendum

If you read relatively regularly and obsessively mentally catalog every detail of my posts instead of just looking at the pretty swatches, you’ll remember that I mentioned that in my last order from Alchimia Apothecary, she forgot a lipstick sample in my package. When I let her know, she was overly apologetic, but I let her know that it was cool if she just sent it with my next package, since spending the ridiculous amount to send a lipstick sample is foolish.

So she sent me some more free stuff.

So she sent me some more free stuff.

Including my sample of Elata, I got a full-size of Cloud Nine, what appears to be the full-size of Sniffer Sticker, a sample of First In Show, and a candy. The candy was very nice, and tasted exactly like honey. I know the free candy you get along with your order probably isn’t what makes or breaks your indie purchasing decision, but it’s nice that it’s almost become a standard.

Elata on my face!

Elata on my face!

Here is Elata! It is a warm, almost brick red that lasted through my work shift and a sandwich. My only gripe is that the sample was a little bit firm to work well with my lip brush- however, my lip brush is admittedly wimpy and my room is cold, so that might not be the lipstick’s fault. It’s the same formula as her other lipsticks, so it could just be that they require lip-heat to be at their prime. I don’t know, I’m not a lipstick scientist.

Cloud 9- because giving me a free blue lipstick is a very good way to get me to write a timely review.

Cloud Nine- because giving me a free blue lipstick is a very good way to get me to write a timely review.

Cloud Nine pleases me deeply in my heart of hearts. It’s a bright, almost highlighter blue with a nice creamy formula. I don’t even care if it’s flattering, it’s a lovely colour for when I want to be a punk mermaid. Which is always. It’s a bit lighter than Abyssal, but not really pastel.

So, now we’re at the part of the review where I talk about perfume and try to sound like I know what I’m doing. First In Show smells quite strongly of flowers in the bottle. On my skin, it sort of morphed to a weird dirty smell initially. I don’t know if I’m a fan of that- however, I’m not the biggest fan of florals at all, so I’m not certain I can judge this fairly. It did dry down to a nice leather scent, which I liked a lot, but I’m not sure how often I’ll wear this. That said, considering that they’re not stalking me and don’t know that I like to smell like a spicy cake fairy, I can’t really blame them.

As for the Sniffer Sticker, I was going to do a super-objective blind test, but I ended up just trying it with First In Show on one wrist and the perfume alone on the other and sniffing them every hour or so since I didn’t have any friends to help. This stuff is pretty neat- it didn’t do much to preserve the top flower-dirt-whatever notes, but it made my arm smell like leather for at least eighteen hours before I decided it was faint enough that I was probably just imagining it, so that’s kinda neat.

Finally, if you’ve fallen madly in love with anything I’ve posted, Alchimia has announced that they’re going to stop making cosmetics after the summer so they can hit up trade shows and things more often. While this is good news for them, I’d recommend stocking up now on anything you can’t live without (Deadly Nightshade! My love!) since you might never get a chance again.

Also notable, but not really related to Alchimia at all, I have my first gallery exhibition on Saturday. I might not get a chance to post again before then, although I will try. If I don’t post until then, prepare for a cavalcade of selfies with blurry art in the background.


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