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Alog Cosmetics is a very new lipstick company- I actually made their first order, being a big old hipster. A lot of this review will be entirely irrelevant. I was getting ready to write it up, and making a list of things to point out about the company. I then went to check out the store to find that most to all of the issues have changed.

The first irrelevant issue with Alog Cosmetics were the shipping rates. When I made my order, the cost of one full-sized lipstick plus shipping would have been thirty dollars. Granted, I can understand  that- the lipsticks are coming from Iceland, so shipping would be high. That is a bit rich for my blood, though. However, now shipping to Canada is an incredibly reasonable 4.92, so that’s good. (I may have ordered lipstick in one of the new colours just now, because it was the last one of Mystic, a black with purple glitter and I make bad life decisions.)



I ordered samples of Phoenix, Sea Sorbet, and Nebula. With it, she sent along a free sample of lip balm and a drawing of Wolverine with a mustache that is currently hanging on my wall. I would advise that she bone up on her Canadian stereotypes- it didn’t even mention poutine or hockey.

The lip balm was alright. It was lip balm. Like, if you need lip balm, this one is certainly a lip balm. I found it to be slightly thicker and waxier than Notoriously Morbid’s Coffin Kissers (my lip balm of choice, mostly because I have so dang many.) I wasn’t blown away by it, but I just mostly use lip balm out of habit, so it could do wonders for some of you.

Nebula on a human face.

Nebula on a human face.

One of the other things that has changed since I made my order is the lipstick formula- apparently it is now softer and less waxy, so it doesn’t flake as much. I’ve been assured that Nebula is the same colour, though, so this is a start. It’s a bright, Barney-esque purple with subtle golden shimmer. This one hung around for a while, and left a purple stain on my lips and arm so when it did fade it didn’t look too bad.

I'm gonna change you like a remix then I'll raise you like a phoenix. (It's my blog and I can make Fall Out Boy references if I want to.)

I’m gonna change you like a remix then I’ll raise you like a phoenix. (It’s my blog and I can make Fall Out Boy references if I want to.)

Phoenix is not the sort of colour I naturally gravitate to. It comes off as a slightly shimmery pumpkin orange. This was the least long-lasting of the samples I got, but it still lasted through a good five hours, so that’s not really a condemnation.

Sea Sorbet on a face.

Sea Sorbet on a face.

This bit of the review is entirely irrelevant, since she changed the colour of Sea Sorbet as well as the formula. (She did say she could remake the old colour, so if you really want this, drop her a line.) This is a mostly matte robin’s egg blue. Out of all the lipsticks, this one had the most lasting time. It lasted all day. It lasted through me and the lipstick tester eating fish and chips. It lasted through many kisses. This was a pretty hardcore lipstick. I ordered a sample of the new formula to compare, because if it’s anything like this, it’ll basically be a tattoo.

Overall, I had a pretty pleasant experience. The owner is nice, and now that the shipping costs are reasonable, I’ve already made another order. While I can’t yet speak to the new formula’s quality, the old formula certainly stood up under pressure. The main issue I can think of is that there isn’t that much colour selection, but given that the company is new, that’s fairly understandable. She also has a few normal-looking lip colours that you might want to try out if you are not a blue lips sort of person.


7 thoughts on “Alog Cosmetics

  1. Emma Crew says:

    Did the reformulated Sea Sorbet come? A comparison would rock. A very small range of “normal” lipstick colors work well on me, so I’m feeling my way very tentatively towards some non-traditional ones and if it’s as warm a blue as their swatch appears to be, it might work for me. Also really eyeing Fierce Magenta’s 5 minis for $28 deal…

    • Indeed it did! I am currently working my way through a massive Dreamworld post, but I can do Alog next, if you like!

      (I mean I’m not itching to try out the new stuff or anything like that.)

      • Emma Crew says:

        That would be lovely! I keep poking at Dreamworld but they are currently reworking all the eye lovelies (do you have an inside scoop on when they might be back?) so I haven’t really looked in-depth.

    • Haha, I had actually not noticed the eye colours weren’t up yet. I might be able to procrastinate on this huge post for a while yet! XP

      I’ve dropped Ellie a line, and can totally update you when she replies. (Also, side note, yes, do the Fierce Magenta thing, her lipsticks make me so happy.)

      • Emma Crew says:

        Bummer! I am pretty fascinated by her foundation options so I might try some of those in the meantime. My current favorite powder is an at-home mix of two Fyrrinae powders, which is a PITA even if they were not hard to order from (though I guess it does let me customize seasonally).

    • Do it, she’s lovely. If you send her a picture in natural light, she’ll help you pick out foundations that might be the right shade. (And there are approximately a million shades, so there will probably be one that works without mixing.)

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