Impulse Cosmetics Metaluxe Lipsticks

This post goes up early, since I thought it would take longer. Impulse Cosmetics is not without issue- they were caught stealing an image from Fyrinnae, which is kind of a dumb move for a lot of reasons. However, they have pretty shiny lipsticks, and they had a sale where you could buy three of their Metaluxe lipsticks and get one free, so I made an order anyway. I guess you could call it an… Impulse buy. (I am so sorry.)

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New Alchimia Lipsticks!

Alchimia released a few new lipsticks relatively recently. They also had a “buy two get one” sale at the same time, and the clock is ticking to when they’ll stop selling cosmetics, so really, I had to order. That’s just common sense.

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Makeup Revolution Scandalous Lipsticks

If you are anything like me, you’ve probably noticed a lot of buzz about the NYX Macaron lipsticks. Damn right you should have- after all, they’re wacky-coloured lipsticks sold in stores at drugstore prices, right? Exciting!

I do not have those.

NYX, for some reason that I’m certain is not about marketing and is all about slighting me personally, has not put the Macarons anywhere in my town, and their website doesn’t ship to Canada. While I waited patiently for Macarons to be available on other websites, I began to look into alternatives because, you know, that is exactly what I need.

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Fierce Magenta; Now With More Gloss

This might be a 100% lip gloss blog soon, at the rate things are going. Fierce Magenta recently sent me a little care package of free lippies, since one of her new colours was really close to a custom colour I asked for that was out of the realm of possibility and also she probably won’t stop sending me free stuff until I move and refuse to give a forwarding address.

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Dawn Eyes Cosmetics

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics was one of the first indie companies I had ever heard of, but for some reason, I had never ordered from them. (Okay, that reason wasn’t too ambiguous- the website looks like it was designed for Netscape Navigator. I was sketched out. I’m shallow like that.) Recently, however, a whole bunch of people posted their orders, and they looked pretty boss, so I got in on that action.

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