Notoriously Morbid’s Elegant & Wicked Collection

This is another review I’ve been sitting on for a while. While normally this is out of laziness, this time, I’m just a big old chicken. You see, with this Notoriously Morbid order, there are a few items that I’m still kind of on the fence about in general.

The haul of HORROR.

The haul of HORROR.

Did you hear the Psycho theme playing as you looked at that picture? Not only is there a blush that is not a light lilac (SKREE SKREE SKREE) but one of the free samples she sent me was a sample of their lip gloss. (AAAAAH.) Since she was putting her blushes on clearance, I bought one I would wear and one that I would try to wear because screw it. I also picked up the Elegant & Wicked collection in various sizes. She also included a mini of Tea Tosh, a memorial shadow for her puppy.

Shadow swatches- Pixie Epoxy on top, NYX Milk in the middle, primer on bottom.

Shadow swatches- Pixie Epoxy on top, NYX Milk in the middle, primer on bottom.

Tea Tosh is unavailable again. It’s a yellowy beige with a bunch of shimmer. It’s one of those shades that I’m not quite sure not to use, since it’s just a bit darker than my skin.

Two Tears In A Bucket is a cadet blue with a light purply duochrome. The duochrome isn’t that strong, but it’s definitely there.

The Grand Empress. Whoomph. This is the only shade I ordered a full-size of, and for good reason. It’s a deep purple with coppery duochrome in there- just my sort of colour. The only problem I have with it is that it stains both skin and brushes, so be sure to clean those brushes well.  I’ve heard it compared to both Fyrinnae’s Mephisto and Darling Girl’s London Calling. I think it’s a bit more purple than London Calling, and the duochrome is a bit stronger than on both of them. This justifies me owning all three.

Bad Juju is a reddish-coral with a strong magenta duochrome, giving the impression of a really bright hot pink.

It’s The Riche That Counts is a light, marshmallow peep yellow with a light pink shift. I might consider getting this one in a larger size, because it’s a really nice colour. I mean, realistically, I might not use it, but it seems practical.

Give Me 20$! is a light mint green with a really strong pink shift. The shift really shows up in artificial light, I found.

Dust To Dust is another free thing. It’s a matte minty grey. I don’t know why I swatched it right next to Give Me 20%!, since they are kind of similar.

Blush and lip gloss swatches.

Blush and lip gloss swatches.

Relax, It’s Only Magic is not available at the moment- it was in the Vanishing Cabinet earlier today, but that sold out very quickly, so you can’t have it. It’s a bright, cherry red gloss.

Mary Anne’s Misery is a light pink blush with a touch of gold shimmer. It’s the one I can see myself wearing often.

And then there’s Catherine’s Woe. That is orange. It’s the colour of cinnamon, and if you are so pasty you get sunburned through blazers like some of us (me, it is me) it takes a very, very light hand to be wearable.

Mary Anne's Misery on a face.

Mary Anne’s Misery, The Grand Empress, Two Tears In A Bucket, and Tea Tosh on a face.

Mary Anne’s Misery, as you can see, can easily be turned into a light, cool flush, which I appreciate.

Relax, It's Only Magic, Catherine's Woe, It's The Riche That Counts, and Bad Juju on a face.

Relax, It’s Only Magic, Catherine’s Woe, It’s The Riche That Counts, and Bad Juju on a face.

And with a bit of work, I managed to transform Catherine’s Woe onto something that kinda works on my face.

Relax, It’s Only Magic, though… I really shouldn’t be reviewing this. I’ll be honest- I’m not the biggest fan. I have a sneaking feeling that isn’t the gloss’s fault, though. I’m not partial to glosses in general. It’s a bit sheerer than I like my lip colours, and it’s more slippery than I usually go. As well, I found it hard to apply with a lip brush, which is something that will not be a problem with a doefoot applicator as Notoriously Morbid has. Plus it’s not blue. I’m sure it’s a perfectly nice gloss, and it isn’t very sticky, which is nice, but on the whole, it’s not for me.


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