Fierce Magenta; Now With More Gloss

This might be a 100% lip gloss blog soon, at the rate things are going. Fierce Magenta recently sent me a little care package of free lippies, since one of her new colours was really close to a custom colour I asked for that was out of the realm of possibility and also she probably won’t stop sending me free stuff until I move and refuse to give a forwarding address.

Little packet o' wonders!

Little packet o’ wonders!

She sent me a small tube of Bangles (the lipstick close to my request) and Astrolilac, as well as little plastic bags of Luna Green and Luna Blue glosses. I first thought that the baggies were eyeshadow, and my reaction when I found that they were not powder and were actually gloss was probably very amusing. I’m not sure how I feel about the sample baggies, since the most effective way I’ve found of using them involve shoving my big sausage fingers right in there, but I’m sure there are brushes one can use for lip gloss.

Astrolilac gloss on a face.

Astrolilac gloss on a face.

As is usual with me, I am kind of hesitant about lighter lip colours. Because, you know, how will people know how goth I am without black lips? Astrolilac is one of the light lippies that is interesting enough that I can forgive it for not being darker than my soul. It’s a light, cool lilac with a gold duochrome, and I kind of love it. The lasting power isn’t bad if you blot it then reapply, as well.

Bangles on a face.

Bangles on a face.

Bangles is a slightly warm metallic purple. While I don’t buy from Lime Crime, I’ve really wanted their Poisonberry lipstick for a while, and this looks like I would want Poisonberry to look. It lasts pretty well, although you might want to check after a meal if you’re eating pasta.

Luna Green on bare lips and over black lip liner.

Luna Green on bare lips and over black lip liner.

Luna Green is a very subtle colour on the lips- it gives a light flash of green in some lights, but not enough to photograph. Luckily for me, I had a cheap LA Colours black lip liner, and used my lipstick alchemy to turn it into a shiny black with green duochrome.

Luna Blue on the lips and over black lip liner.

Luna Blue on the lips and over black lip liner.

I preferred Luna Blue over Luna Green- not just because it was blue, don’t be silly. On bare lips, it gives an opalescent blue sheen, and over the black lip liner it adds a royal blue duochrome effect. One warning- I applied my Lipchic Lip Sealant over the black liner and before the gloss, and they had some sort of weird chemical reaction and turned into some sort of stringy solid. So, uh, don’t do that.

Once again, I’m pretty happy with my Fierce Magenta order. Their gloss formula is one of the few I can tolerate with my ridiculously picky tastes, and I still like their lipstick. Plus, the owner is really nice. I feel kinda like I’m going over old ground, but I’d definitely consider a full-size of Luna Blue once I use up the baggie, so I consider this a resounding success.



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